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Red Wine Glasses

Whether you are serving Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, or other red wine, choosing an appropriate wine glass is key. The shape of the wine glasses you use is not only about aesthetics; it also affects the aroma and the quality of the wine. Keeping in mind a few points about the broad range of wine glasses available will help you decide which ones to choose.

How are glasses for red and white wines different?

Wine glasses are designed for specific wines because the shape of the wine glass can make the wine taste better.

Red wine glasses usually have a larger bowl, use a wider opening, and are taller than glasses for white wines. This is not to increase the capacity of the glass but to better release the complex aroma and quality of the wine. The larger red wine glass directs the wine to the back of the mouth for more intense flavor. For example, Bordeaux and Cabernet Sauvignon are full-bodied red wines and should be served in the largest wine glasses available.

How do you serve red wine?

Red wine glasses are large, but they should only be filled to about 1/3 of their capacity to allow for swirling and releasing the bouquet. To drink the wine, hold the glassware by the stem to avoid heating the wine with your hand. Bordeaux stemware is an especially large wine glass. It is designed to offset the high tannin and acidity levels of Bordeaux. A Bordeaux glass can also be used to serve other full-bodied wines.

What is the difference between crystal and glass?

Crystal stemware contains minerals and has light refraction properties that make your wine glass sparkle. It can be spun thin and still retain its strength. It usually contains trace amounts of lead, but lead-free options are also available. Crystal should be hand-washed because its porosity allows the glassware to retain dishwasher odors.

Glass is thicker and has a lipped rim. It is dishwasher safe because it is non-porous. It is typically more fragile when thin, but stronger borosilicate glass is available. It is also lead-free. Both crystal and glass come in stemless varieties.

What are flute glasses?

Flute glasses are specialty glassware designed for champagne and other sparkling white wines. They are tall and thin, usually with narrow bowls. Flutes allow for the visual appeal of bubbles rising to the top of the champagne. They are not typically used for serving red wine.