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Pairing Peripherals Together Through Gaming Computer Keyboard and Mouse Bundles

Having a gaming keyboard and a matching mouse together is a necessity for your success in whatever game you play. Razer has many gaming keyboard and mouse bundles for you to choose from, including options in the Ornata and BlackWidow lines. You will have to look at multiple things when getting these peripherals ready for your gaming or esports use.

How Is the Fit?

Look at the overall fit of your control bundle before using it:

  • Positioning. You can find a mid-height keyboard or even a lapboard to place on your lap next to a pad for the mouse control.
  • Wires. Devices are made with both cords and also with cordless features. A cordless setup gives you more control over your game and lets you use a better physical position for playing, but you should review how the wireless link between the controls and computer work.
  • Cushioning. A cushion or rest on the bottom part of your gaming setup keeps you comfortable. A pad may work to the bottom of a BlackWidow or Cynosa keyboard.
  • Ergonomic Body. Your gaming keyboard must have a membrane with keys that are laid out evenly along its body. The mouse should have a build that is easy to handle without your hand slipping off of it.

See the Lights

The lights on your game controls will add a good look while also letting you know what in-game controls are available. A backlit surface can appear on both parts of your bundle and will include lights that change around your keycaps. These lights will change based on the motions you make in your game and what functions are open, although your backlighting system should world with multiple profiles for all the games you want to play. A multi-color layout will appear on Chroma editions of the BlackWidow keyboard.

What Are Macros?

The macros on your mechanical keyboard and mouse are important for your gaming success. These are added programmable controls that you can assign commands to on-the-fly. With macros, you will trigger one of these switches to activate an event in your game. You can find extra mechanical switches on your keyboard or a few small buttons to the side of your mouse to help you with your programming needs. You can see such buttons on the Lancehead or DeathAdder control setups among many others from Razer. Some of these macros use Chroma colors to distinguish their functions within your game.

Extra Ports and Controls

Be aware of anything else that comes with your gaming keyboard and mouse setup including:

  • A port for a headset or other listening device
  • Media controls for adjusting the volume of what you are hearing
  • Lock buttons
  • Shortcut buttons for opening programs with one tap

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