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RC Components Motorcycle Wheels & Rims

When you notice dents and other damage in one or more wheels, it might be time for a replacement. RC Components specializes in making motorcycle parts for riders. You can use these parts on the front or back of your bike to enjoy a smoother ride.

What are some common wheel types?

One of the things you need to consider are some of the wheel types that are available. You will also need to determine if you want matching front part back piece on your ride or a completely different set. RC makes types that will work on all styles of motorcycles. The types include:

  • Spoke - This is a style that is similar to those found on vintage bikes. It features several spokes that connect the rim to the hub.
  • One-piece - One-piece parts, also called single-piece wheels, will work on the front or back. These products use a single piece to connect all components and are a type of aftermarket part.
  • Three-piece - Another option from RC Components is a three-piece design. These come as a set with a pulley, rotor, and wheel included in the package.
How important is part size?

When buying products from RC Components, size is important. Most wheels feature two numbers that tell you the exact measurements such as 18 by 3.5. If you arent sure what measurements you need, you can check the rim on your motorcycle. Note that going down a step can provide you with less traction and make your front or rear rubber squeal.

What comes with a tire?

Most RC Components sets do not come with a tire, because RC understands that you may want to use different styles or types on your front and rear wheels. Thus, the company gives you the option of selecting the rubber that you want to use on your motorcycle. With RC Components parts, you may have the option of using your existing inner tube with a replacement rim.

What comes with a motorcycle wheel?

In addition to standard front and rear wheels, RC Components offers packages that come with more than one piece. Your package may include the rim that attaches to your motorcycle and the hardware needed to put it on your bike.

Is there a difference between front and rear models?

RC Components makes it clear which wheels are for the front and which are for the rear. Front products have a design that gives you more control. Rear models add the stability that your motorcycle needs for a smooth ride. You should never swap a front for a rear or use two front wheels as this can cause significant damage to your ride and negatively impact steering. RC Components models have the manufacturers RC logo and a front or rear designation inside the wheel.

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