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Queen Bed-In-A-Bag

If you own a queen-sized bed, it's important to look for the right bedding. Choosing a comforter set is often easier with a bed-in-a-bag so you have all of the different accompaniments. Regardless of the bedroom style you are shopping for, there are many different options available.

What is a bed-in-a-bag?

A bed-in-a-bag will typically include all that's needed to make a bed. This includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a comforter, and a pillowcase. With larger sizes, such as a queen, there are often two pillowcases. Decorative shams, a bed skirt, matching window valances, and even pillows might also be included in the bag.

What are the materials of a comforter set?

It's important to look at the materials of a comforter set. This will make it easier to determine how it will feel. It will also allow you to see how easy it will be to clean. Some sets are machine washable while others might be dry clean only. Here are some materials used for comforters:

  • Cotton
  • Cotton blend
  • Polyester
  • Microfiber
What are available themes for a queen comforter?

When choosing a comforter, you want to look at the theme of the bag. This will allow you to choose the style of bedding for the person who sleeps in the bed. You might want a simple black or white design or go with a theme that suits you or a child.

  • Solid: Choose from various solid colors, such as blue or white.
  • Print: Look at designs that include polka dot, paisley, and plaid.
  • Animal: Find zebra, leopard, and other fun animal prints.
  • Characters: Choose a bag that has a theme from a TV show, movie, or book.
  • Floral: Find a comforter with a pattern featuring flowers.
How do you shop for a bedding set?

It's important to find a bedding set or queen bed-in-a-bag that works well for your bed. A bag provides you with all the supplies so you don't have to shop for them individually. While there are plenty of sizes like king, twin, and full, a queen is a common size. Take the time to review some of the different aspects of a bag.

  • What's included: Look to see all that's included in the bag so you know if there is anything that will need to be purchased separately.
  • Design: Explore the design to ensure that the color and print will match the rest of the bedroom.
  • Brand: A lot of manufacturers provide sets for beds, so take the time to look to see what brands are available and if you have a preference.
  • Care: Review what's involved with cleaning the bedding.