Professional Sports PSA/DNA MLB Autographed Baseballs

Professional Sports (PSA/DNA) MLB Autographed Baseballs

PSA/DNA autographed and signed baseballs come from some of the top players in the sport. This helps you complete your collection and add to your display. You will find baseballs authenticated and signed by baseball players from recent to decades ago.

What is a PSA-certified autograph?

The Professional Sports Authentication company specializes in certifying signed memorabilia. Better known as PSA, you can send in your sports collectibles and get each one authenticated. The PSA looks at several factors to determine the authentication of a signed or autographed piece. Some of these include:

  • Autograph quality: The PSA will always check the quality of the signature. Collectors often want signed balls with clear names across the tops. They do not want baseballs that have autographs scrawled across the stitching, nor do collectors want faded autographs.
  • Baseball quality: The quality of the baseball is just as important as the quality of the autograph. Older baseballs may have some discoloration across the surface or look dirty.
  • Autograph comparison: PSA authentication experts will compare the writing on the ball against certified examples of a players autograph. This is important, because the signature of many players will change over the years. PSA authentication demonstrates when the player signed a particular baseball.
What is a COA?

A COA is a certificate of authenticity that can come with the ball and is a key factor in determining whether or not an autograph is authentic. This certificate is important because it shows that someone authenticated the signature. The COA may have a simple appearance or include detailing around the edges. Sports organizations like the PSA will include the signature of the person who authenticated the signed ball at the bottom. Some COAs may also include an image of the ball. This lets you compare that ball against the one that the company authenticated.

What does grade mean?

Grade is a term that describes the way the baseball looks. The grade scale usually runs from 1 to 10. As you may expect, the higher the number, the better the ball. A grade of 1 may have some surface imperfections or a faded autograph. A grade of 10 is a nearly perfect example of a signed baseball. The autograph on that ball will look clean and dark. These autographed balls will not show any signs that someone traced on or over the autograph.

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