Equipo de ingeniería de procesos

Manufacturing and Metalworking Process Equipment

The vocation and art of metalworking in the manufacturing field is what generates engine parts, hand tools, and even some forms of jewelry. There are several machines and processes involved in the actions of milling, turning, threading, and grinding. When you're needing supplies or metalworking equipment, there's a variety of machinery and tools that can increase your efficiency.

What machinery is used for the metal cutting process?
  • Milling: The process starts by creating the desired shape out of the stainless steel, aluminum, or other metal. The CNC machine does this by using computers to control and create objects in 3-D form and accurately cutting them out.
  • Turning: Using lathes, turning is performed by using a cutter to create symmetrical metal objects on a rotating axis.
  • Threading: Most commonly performed with a tap and die, threading creates the head for a metal or wooden screw. This can also be done by thread grinding and thread milling using a CNC process.
  • Grinding: This machine cuts objects out of the metal, adding final finishes, cuts, and abrasions.
  • Filing: A metalworking filer uses CNC and is the final step to ensure the metal part meets required measurements and tolerances.
What equipment is used to filter the machine shop's air?

A device that is helpful to keep you and your workers healthy is an air filtration system. This equipment keeps the air in your shop cleaner and reduces health risks. This is done by filtering out the dust particles and metal fibers that occur as a result of the metalworking process. The most common filters used for machinery operations are dust separators.

What types of process mixing are frequently performed?
  • Liquid-liquid: This can be performed using a single phase by simply mixing the two liquids together. Multiple phasing includes droplets of one liquid mixing with the other via turbulent flow.
  • Solid-solid: Items such as clay, dust, and sand are mixed together in machines and worked into a mold to create necessary castings.
  • Gas-gas: When a gas's composition needs to be strictly regulated, mass fraction blending is one of the more efficient methods.
  • Liquid-solid: These mixes can be used for cast creation and concrete. Efficient methods of performance are solid suspension and solid deagglomeration.
Are pre-cast molds, dies, and bases available?

You can find molds, dies, and bases that already cut out and ready to be used. This is helpful when you don't have the time, lathes, CNC software, or manpower to create your own. This can help increase the overall efficiency of your metalworking machines and operations.