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Promark Drumsticks, Brushes, and Mallets

The quality of drumming and percussion all begins in the hands that are performing the rhythm. In those hands are the tools that are used to play the instruments, which are the drumsticks. In order for musicians to improve their sound, they must use better gear. Promark can provide sticks, mallets, and brushes for percussionists.

What can a drum be played with?

Drums are played with percussion mallets, all of which are easy to handle. There are three well-known types. One of the more commonly seen mallets is the drumstick. Originally made for snare drums only, drumsticks are versatile for typically untuned percussion, such as a drum kit. When referred to as solely "mallets," they are comprised of a shaft and a soft end. These are usually used for tuned percussion but also for larger, more bass-sounding drums. Bristle brushes are what give jazz and blues percussion their feathery quality. Other genres like rock, pop, and folk have also used brushes on occasion.

How can Promark drumsticks, brushes, and mallets be used?

Drumsticks can be the all-purpose mallets in the world of pop music. You can use Promark drumsticks, brushes, and mallets for snares, toms, hi-hats, and cymbals. More rarely, drumsticks are compatible with triangles, xylophones, and timpanis. Mallets are played predominantly with tuned percussion. Instruments that require mallets include vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, and glockenspiel. Brushes are used for drum kits and untuned percussion like snares and cymbals.

Why choose Promark for a six-pack of drumsticks?

Promark makes all of their drumsticks from oak wood. This pack of oak Promark drumsticks comes in a pack of six, hence the name "six-pack." The size of these drumsticks is 747B.

Why use Promark percussion mallets?

For the marching band or orchestra percussionist, Promark provides mallets at industry standards. All of the materials that make up Promark mallets, from the hickory to the felt tip, are dense and resonant. Promark’s drums and tuned percussion that the pair is played offer clear sound. American Hickory material is used for the shaft. Felt is used for the head.

What are the features of Promark's broom brush sticks?

Jazz and blues just don't have enough of that swing without brushed drums. This pair of Promark broom brushes are a bit heavier and therefore give the signature brush sound a harder edge.

  • Material: Broom
  • Length: 14 inches / 355 millimeters
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces / 70 grams
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