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How to Size and Match Pottery Barn King Duvet Covers

With so many worthwhile choices from Pottery Barn at your fingertips, it might initially be tough to decide on what kind of king-sized duvet covers are perfect for your bedroom. With various offerings in different materials and styles, you're sure to find one that complements your existing decor and provides you with ample comfort.

What Type of Material Should I Consider?

A duvet cover is something that fits over your existing plain comforter. The good news is, you can own several different duvet covers and shams, changing them at your will and also when the seasons change. Overall, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to material. Look for:

  • Pure cotton: Duvet covers that are 100 percent cotton are often very soft to the touch. Depending on the thickness of the weave, this may be a thin cotton or a thicker weave. A thicker weave is more suited for colder weather.
  • Pure linen: When it comes to the difference between cotton and linen, it all comes down to the plant. Cotton comes from the cotton plant, while linen comes from the flax plant. Like cotton, linen is also quite soft to the touch, and may add a touch of crispness to your summer bed ensemble.
  • Linen blend: Often a good choice for in-between seasons like fall and spring, a linen blend often offers a step into both worlds.
  • Cotton blend: Similarly to a linen blend, a cotton blend is often woven with other materials, like Tencel. Cotton blends also often include a sateen glossy finish.
  • Organic cotton: This type of cotton is harvested from organically grown cotton. Linen can also be organic as well; it is simply less common.

How to Match a Duvet

When it comes to choosing a Pottery Barn duvet and its matching pillows and shams, keep in mind that it will be the top piece of your bed, and as a bedspread, becomes a part of your bedroom decor. As you are choosing different styles, consider:

  • The size of your bedroom. a darker duvet cover will make the room appear smaller, which can make a room feel more cozy, but can also cramp a small room. Lighter colors can help make the room appear larger.
  • The color of your window treatments and rugs. How you style your room is completely up to you, but keep in mind the color of your curtains and rugs as you choose your duvet. Whether you want to blend or contrast, these items will feed off of each other.
  • Busy or plain. ome bedrooms look wonderful with joyful, two-tone floral or paisley designs, while others have a more subdued, matte look. Look for a duvet that helps you achieve either of these goals.

What Comes with a Duvet?

Often times, a duvet cover doesn't come alone, and comes as part of a set. Look for a set that may include:

  • Pillow shams, Euro shams, or pillow cases
  • A fitted or plain bed sheet to match
  • A matching bedskirt or ruffle

Having a complete set sometimes can help take the headache out of matching the other pieces later on. Some duvet covers are also reversible for more versatile use.