Portable Pocket Radios

How to Choose the Right Pocket AM/FM Radio

Your workday seems to get longer every single day but listening to music could help to speed things up at least a bit, and a pocket radio with a built-in belt clip gives you tunes right at your fingertips. With a belt clip, you dont have to worry about your player falling out of your pocket while youre working, not to mention that you may even notice a productivity increase as you listen to music while you work.

How Do You Pick the Right Radio for You?

There are numerous models and brands to choose from, so you may not know where to start. To that end, having a handful of considerations in mind as you browse can provide you with a jumping-off point.

  • Does size matter? When youre looking for portability, you may want to choose the smallest model you can.
  • Are you interested in specific audio functions, such as the presence of a cassette player? That could be another a factor in making a decision.
  • Would you rather use earbuds or a headset to listen? Think about your preferences, as models come with varied types of listening options.

What Are Some Features of Pocket Radios?

Though the term "pocket" denotes a portable and small form factor, that doesnt mean that these radios arent packed with powerful features that you can use and enjoy, along with a clip that secures your radio to your belt or pants for ease of access.

  • A weather-resistant radio means that even when you work outside and it starts to sprinkle, it wont ruin your tech device. Weatherproof casing wont damage your components, so you wont have to panic when your FM radio gets splashed.
  • A portable device with a built-in clock, alarm, and timer lets you know when its time for your lunch break with just a glance.
  • Choose a design with a cassette player and relive your glory days by enjoying some of your old cassettes as you exercise, do household chores, or work.

Which Brands Make These Radios?

There are a few brands to consider when youre looking for a portable device with a clip, so remember to choose one based on budget concerns, available features, and design options.

  • Sony offers numerous portable players with clips. Some of them come with features like headphones, a Mega Bass function to pump up low tones, and a wrist strap.
  • Look for models with clips designed by Coby. These are small and light with a clip-on design youll barely notice is there. Other features include a neck strap, earbuds, and an indicator that lets you know when your device is powered on or off.
  • A Memorex pocket tuner with a clip offers an AM/FM radio along with comfortable earbuds, a slim form factor, and AAA batteries.

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