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Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Beanie Hats

Beanie hats are great accessories to have as a part of your wardrobe, especially in cooler weather conditions, because they are effective in trapping body heat released from the head. Polo Ralph Lauren offers a variety of high-quality men's beanies that not only keep you warm, but also add an element of style to various outfits. These Polo beanies come in various colors, designs, knit patterns, and more, providing numerous options to suit any style preference.

What are Ralph Lauren beanies made of?

Polo Ralph Lauren beanie hats are made out of materials that are designed to keep your head and ears warm in cold weather and also feel soft to the touch. These materials commonly include pure merino wool, cotton, cashmere, nylon, regular wool, or a blend of any of these items.

What features are offered on Polo beanie hats?

Polo beanie hats feature a wide variety of designs that sport their various renowned brand logos and have different characteristics, so keep this in mind when picking your Ralph Lauren hat.

  • Signature Logos: Many of Polo's beanies have the notorious embroidered pony sewn into the beanie, either in a small thread or larger knit style. Other logos include the bulldog, golden retriever, or a small patch with the POLO name sewn onto it.
  • Patterns and Prints: While some Polo Ralph Lauren caps are more neutral with a single color, other Polo beanie options have colored stripes, patterns, and themes, such as USA-themed prints or New York prints.
  • Hat Style: Some Polo hats have a brim that folds up over the beanie for a layered look, while others fit flat as a classic beanie cap. Some Ralph Lauren options may incorporate a pom-pom atop the crown of the hat or ear flaps and tassels.
  • Knit Pattern: The knitting on Ralph Lauren beanies varies from a standard, tight-knit style to varying thicknesses of ribbed patterns and cable and patchwork styles.

How do you wash a Ralph Lauren beanie hat?

Though the cotton, wool, and other materials used to make Polo Ralph Lauren beanie caps are generally durable, they may require special care when washing them to make sure they stay in good condition. Ralph Lauren states that their hats can be dry cleaned, and it is good practice to read the tag inside the cap for more detailed information. Cotton and wool Polo caps can generally be washed on a cold or warm gentle cycle in the washing machine or washed gently by hand. It is best to let these Ralph Lauren items line dry to prevent shrinking and frays, but they can generally be tumble dried on low as well.

Where are Ralph Lauren products made?

Polo Ralph Lauren manufactures their clothing and accessories in a large number of overseas factories. These factories may be located in Bolivia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, and elsewhere. The Ralph Lauren headquarters are located in New York City, New York, and they have various distribution centers worldwide.