Platinum Bullion Bars & Rounds

Bars, Silver Rounds, and the Raw Bullion of Your Choice

Metals come in all shapes and weights. Coins and bars are then produced with these metals that we adore. You can take a look at and see the wide selection of eBay bullion that comes in all forms for collecting or storing.

How are silver rounds valued?

Silver coins and other precious metals are valued for the quantity of metal in each round. The standard value of silver is measured per troy ounce, and this price can be found in the current spot price of silver. Additional value in a coin comes from the actual date, the location made, and the manufacturer. Coins have the ability to preserve history and the special ideals they were made around. The numismatic value of a coin can range greatly beyond the actual market value of its weight.

Can a 1-ounce silver coin be made into a bar?

Silver rounds are usually collected for the mold they already have, but using the right crucible on eBay enables you to turn common precious metal into bars. Blank rounds are ideal for this, as coins with special mint marks and dates hold value that no other source can duplicate. Here are some items to be found already weighed at a full troy ounce:

  • Silver rounds: Silver rounds may come as blanks or minted by a nation to commemorate a special time.
  • Platinum bullion bars: Platinum is another metal made into rounds and can be found in bars of one to 10 troy ounces.
  • Other precious metals: Additional metals to consider include gold, white gold, bronze, rhodium, and palladium.
What is the mintage of a coin?

This term covers a spectrum of concepts about a metal coin. It can refer to where the coin was made, like Canada, Australia, or in the United States. The term can also refer to the process of creating new coins, such as minting. Special marks are then left on modern silver rounds to identify them as real and to display where they came from.

Are silver rounds for sale as dollars?

Silver bullion dollars are available for purchase and can be obtained in mint condition and other valuable states. This coin was first issued in 1792 and has changed throughout the years. Modern makes of the coin were created to commemorate it. The original displayed silver bullion with the face of Lady Liberty on one side and an eagle on the other.

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