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How Do I Find Pierre Cardin Handbags To Match My Style?

Whether you're headed to the grocery store or on a long road trip, you want the type of handbag that exudes your personality as well as your style. Not only do you appreciate top brands, such as Pierre Cardin, you also want a purse or bag that is roomy enough for all your belongings, as well as being comfortable enough to carry for everyday use. There are many types of styles of Pierre Cardin bags, from small wallet type purses to large backpacks.

What Types of Materials Are Available?

Whether you need a wallet or bifold to place credit cards and cash in, or you need a large tote for an outing with you and your child, different materials definitely make purse styles more useful to your everyday life. A few available options are:

  • Leather: Perhaps the most common style of handbag, leather easily stands up to everyday wear as well as the elements, within reason. Leather is also fairly easy to clean, with a damp cloth and mild dish soap.
  • Canvas: Canvas is often a proper choice for more casual outings, such as playdates with other parents, grocery store trips, and everyday use. Canvas is a little softer, and has more give, and therefore may be more comfortable to carry.
  • Snakeskin: This is an option for dressier bags, such as for a night on the town or a romantic date. This material is often used for clutches.
  • Faux leather: Faux leather allows you all of the rewards of leather, knowing you've purchased an environmentally friendly, cruelty-free product.

What Types of Bags Suit My Needs?

Many women have more than just one handbag, as there are different occasions that call for different handbags. Some choices include:

  • Wallet: This is a small item that can carry your cash, checkbook, and credit cards, and usually goes into a bigger bag, such as a larger purse. However, for some, a wallet is all that's needed for everyday use.
  • Messenger bag: This type of bag has an over the shoulder strap that's often a terrific choice when you need both hands free (such as trying to get a wiggling toddler out of a car seat). A messenger also works well for going hands free at get-togethers.
  • Shoulder bag: Your typical shoulder bag comes in many different sizes, and is meant to fit over the shoulder for comfort. However, it doesn't give the crossbody fit like a messenger bag.
  • Clutch: This is a good option for a night out, or for formal wear. A clutch is solely held in the hand and includes no strap.

What Features Should I Look For in a Handbag?

The features you choose depend largely on what your everyday life is like. Some of the things to keep in mind include:

  • Ease of use: Perhaps you'd like a bag with an adjustable shoulder strap so that your bag seamlessly is used for many different occasions.
  • Pockets and compartments: An inner zip pocket often works well for keeping smaller items (such as keys) that you don't want to lose by accident. Slip pockets are another good option to stow extra items.
  • Colors: While you may want a brilliantly colored bag, perhaps it doesn't fit in with your everyday style, such as not matching with your coat and shoes. Perhaps look for a neutral color, such as gold-tone, that fits in well with your wardrobe.
  • Other features: Some vintage Pierre Cardin handbags and modern bags have anti-theft mechanisms, to help keep your purse safe.