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Patagonia Womens Jackets

Patagonia offers a range of womens jackets like the Micro Puff Hoody, the Nano Puff Bivy Pullover, and the Airshed Pullover. Many colors, styles, and materials are available ensuring that there is an option for varied style preferences and different outdoor occasions. If you are considering Patagonia womens jackets, then you might find this information helpful.

What types of womens jackets does Patagonia offer?

The different types of womens jackets Patagonia offers are described here:

  • Parkas: These longer-styled coats are designed for cold weather, with some coming down to the upper thighs. They usually have a hood.
  • Rain jackets: These options often have a hood, and they usually come down to the upper thighs. Examples are their Torrentshell jacket and the Storm Racer jacket.
  • Windbreakers: These thin coats are designed to keep the wind from hitting you.
  • Shells: These jackets have three layers designed to keep you warm in wet or snowy conditions.
  • Fleeces: Soft, lightweight pullovers and zip-up womens fleeces are available.
  • Puff: These quilted options are designed with insulation in the middle.
What are factors to consider when buying an outdoor jacket?

There are many different factors that you may want to keep in mind when buying a Patagonia jacket or coat for outdoor activities. You may want to think about the coats breathability as this helps sweat get whisked away from your body. You may also want to think about the coats ability to protect you from moisture like rain or snow. If you will be packing the coat in your backpack or in a suitcase, then consider how compressed the coat can become. Finally, if you will be wearing your coat for long periods of time, consider its weight.

What are some types of insulation used by Patagonia?

Patagonia uses different types of insulation in their Patagonia womens coats and jackets, including the following:

  • Down insulation: Made from the plumage found under the feathers of waterfowl, down insulation is lightweight and compressible. It is considered the warmest insulation offered by Patagonia.
  • Synthetic insulation: This insulation is usually made of polyester, and it provides some warmth even when it gets wet. It is usually hypoallergenic.
  • Active insulation: This polyester insulation is created so that it stretches when you move.
What are some materials used in Patagonia womens jackets?

The company uses a variety of materials in their womens jackets, and you may find one or more of the following materials in a jacket:

  • Fleece
  • Gore-Tex
  • Cotton and cotton blends
  • Polyester and polyester blends
  • Denim
  • Wool
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