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Panasonic 40- to 49-inch Televisions Deliver Special Performance Capabilities

Panasonic televisions with screens ranging from 40 inches to 49 inches provide a large-screen vista to enhance the viewing experience. These various Panasonic TV sets also come with advanced features like high-definition (HD) picture quality and various smart TV functions.

What does 1080p indication on a Panasonic HD TV mean?

For all TVs, 1080p refers to the type of resolution of the model. Specifically, it refers to the display of a complete display of 1080 horizontal lines in a progressive scanning format. Another name for 1080p progressive scanning is full high-definition (Full HD or FHD).

What are some features on a Panasonic 48-inch TV?

Features vary among the many different Panasonic models on the market. The TH-48LFE8U 48-inch presents three features that help it stand out:

  • Slim bezel design: The thin design reduces the footprint of the frame. This creates the impression the model has almost no frame and is made solely of a screen. Such a design detracts less from the displayed video while allowing the model to be physically placed in more locations. Models may contain "bezel-to-bezel joints" intended to cut down on the visibility of the borders when crafting a multiscreen display setup.
  • Simple signage operation: Digital signage can be run on a smart TV without the need for a set-top box since the smart TV already contains a USB media player. Through the USB connection, still or video signage runs through the model's display.
  • Multiple ports: A variety of interfaces on the television expand the tasks it can perform. Ports include interfaces for HDMI, USB, and more. This allows for expanding the use of the Panasonic TV into various other functions.
Is there a difference between Ultra HD and Full HD?

An FHD TV presents a picture with 1920x1080p resolution. The specifications on Ultra HD (UHD) reflect much higher numbers at 3840x2160p. The aspect ratio on an FHD logs 1.9:1 dimensions while UHD presents 1.78:1. The UHD design is used with large-sized TV models as opposed to the common inch sizes of an FHD one.

What is backlight technology?

An LCD TV sports backlight technology. Backlighting refers to the special type of illumination necessary to create an image on a screen. Originally, LCDs relied on cold cathode fluorescent lamps to produce light. Backlighting refers to the integration of a separate light source to produce an image.

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