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What to Consider When Choosing a 1080p TV

Panasonic's 1080p televisions offer a clear, crisp picture, and they can play high definition media including DVDs and Blu-rays. They have a very slim profile, which makes it possible to mount them on a wall or use a stand. These HD televisions come in many different sizes and styles so you can find one that suits your needs and works well with your available space. 

What are the Advantages of a 1080p TV? 

  • 1080P TVs have screens that are capable of displaying higher resolution images than many other televisions. These HD TVs are great for watching HDTV programs, and they do justice to videos with a high resolution.
  • The screens are also adjustable, so you can find a color contrast and brightness setting that works for you. Many HD 1080P televisions are also VIERA capable. This means that they can be attached to other VIERA capable devices including Blu-Ray players. This technology allows the viewer to stream programs from online sources directly to their HDTV.
  • These televisions also feature HDMI connectors, which means they can be used with an array of different HDMI compatible devices. 

What Types of TVs are Available in 1080p? 

There are a few different types of TVs that are available in 1080p. However, the most common types are plasma TVs, and LCD TVs.

  • Plasma TVs have a screen that is composed of many cells filled with plasma gas, which create and display color to create an image.
  • LCD TVs, on the other hand, feature screens with liquid crystals, behind which there are many lights, which create the displayed images.
  • Both types of TVs can produce clear, crisp images. However, Plasma televisions typically have a higher level of overall power consumption than LCD HDTVs. 

What Sizes do 1080p TVs Come In? 

Panasonic 1080p TVs are available in many different sizes.

  • For those who want a smaller TV, they are available with screen sizes of around 20 inches.
  • For those who want something a little bigger, there are 30, 35, and 39 inch screens available.
  • For those looking for something larger, to add to their living room or create a home theater system, there are TVs with screens ranging from between 40 and 49 inches, or if you want something even larger, you can find TVs with screens ranging between 55 and 70 inches.
  • One of the largest TVs commercially available has a 150 inch screen.

With such a wide array of screen sizes to choose form, you can find a TV that works with nearly any available space.