PVS 7 Night Vision Optics

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Scope Out the Competition Even in Total Darkness With a PVS-7 Night Vision Device

Low visibility is a major problem for accurate shooting that most people encounter at least once or twice in their lives. Luckily, weve long since figured out ways around this problem, the PVS-7 night vision device being one of the premier tools for conquering the darkness. With such a high degree of utility for target practice, hunting, late night airsoft, or paintball games. Its something any serious marksman should take a look into at least once.

What style of scope and what magnification do PVS-7s represent?

The PVS-7 is a single tube-style night vision device. This means that, instead of a binocular-like device with two tubes for each eye, vision is directed through a single tube in the middle of the face when this device is deployed. This does not cause a loss of depth perception or vision due to the way the internals of the device are structured.

How effective is the PVS-7 during nighttime activities?

The PVS-7 is quite exceptional at providing a full range of vision during nighttime activities, being one of the most commonly used devices of its kind by the United States military. Most units have a battery life between 10 and 20 hours during which time you will see images illuminated to a brightness consistent with neutral lighting during the daytime. The only exception to this is that your field of vision will appear green. As far as the resolution is concerned, these devices show images at 40 lp/mm and have a 40 degree field of view.

How is the PVS-7 deployed during field activities?

The PVS-7 night vision device is intended to be attached to a helmet and folded up on top of your head. When deployed, the user will fold down the device over their eyes. The PVS-7 attaches to a helmet either with a removable harness system using straps or, for a more permanent solution, bolted into the helmet in question.

Replacement parts for the PVS-7

There are many replacement parts for the PVS-7 night vision device available on eBay, some of them are listed here:

  • Wire housings and assemblies
  • Autogated image intensifier tubes
  • Eyepieces
  • Harness straps and connecting pieces
  • Replacement batteries for powering the night vision functionality