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Important Things to Know About Outdoor Kitchens

Master your chef swag for everyday affairs or special occasions with cutting edge outdoor kitchen setups or individual appliances. Peruse cooking, cleaning, and storage models for patio and bar. There are a myriad of affordable new and used options on eBay.

Can you get a complete outdoor kitchen?

Yes, you can. The inventory available through eBay boasts a wide selection of complete outdoor kitchens and full ranges. All are freestanding. Some are roughly the size of a professional quality restaurant range with up to nine burners or 1,000 square inches of cooking space. Other setups are the central fixture in a multi-island setup situated beneath an included canopy. Storage options include the following:

  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
What if you need a smaller kitchen?

There are smaller options available from eBay. Choose tabletop cooktops and mini grills that are unused, in excellent condition, or gently used. Tabletop cooktops resemble hot plates and have anywhere from one to four burners. For power options, there are models that run on electricity or propane. Some tabletop cooktops are portable, so you can take them camping, to the beach, or to a friends backyard for cooking demos or party cookouts.

What sorts of prep, cleaning, and storage options are there?

There are no standard options, per se. However, there are independent and attachable models available for storage, cleaning, and prep, some of which include the following:

  • Drop sinks install into a pre-existing module so you can wash ingredients and tools as you go along.
  • Chopping boards double as trash pails, letting you remove items as you prep ingredients.
  • Small outdoor fridges and coolers keep your drinks chilled and accessible to you and your guests.
  • Storage drawers keep your propane tank or used materials safe and easy to reach yet out of sight.
  • Warming drawers maintain optimal food temperatures for safety and taste.
Whats the extent of bartending setups?

Bartending modules come in all shapes and sizes. Most are beverage centers with built-in sink options, storage space for ice, and chilling wells for drinks. Depending on the beverage center, there may also be attached bar tools, such as bottle openers and cap catchers. Other beverage centers contain the following:

  • Shelves and cubbyholes to organize and store bottled liquor
  • Prep surfaces
  • Racks for towels
  • Covered ice compartments
  • Serving shelves and condiment trays