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Opalescence Teeth Whitening

Maintaining a beautiful smile can be done with the help of teeth whitening kits. Teeth whitening may help increase your confidence and assist in the maintenance of a clean and healthy mouth. Opalescence teeth whitening offers many options for bleaching and whitening teeth as well as maintaining oral health.

How do you use Opalescence teeth whitening gel?

To use Opalescence at-home teeth whitening gel:

  • Deposit a continuous stream of whitening gel from one of the syringes on the front side of the teeth whitening tray.
  • Place the tray over your teeth and tap it lightly to press it gently onto the teeth, exposing the tooth surface to the teeth whitening gel.
  • Allow Opalescence gel to perform whitening for the recommended amount of time.
  • Remove the tray and brush your teeth thoroughly, preferably with Opalescence toothpaste for extra whitening.
  • Clean the teeth whitening tray. To do this, remove any excess bleaching gel from the whitening tray and brush it gently with cold water. Store the teeth whitening tray in its case.
How does Opalescence teeth whitening gel work?

Unlike professional teeth whitening, Opalescence whitening gel does not require a light to work. Opalescence bleaching kits contain bleaching gel with carbamide peroxide, which is activated through a chemical process to whiten teeth. When applied to the tooth enamel, carbamide peroxide breaks down into peroxide and urea. The bleaching gel begins whitening teeth by changing the chemical structure of stains so that they no longer contain any pigment.

How is carbamide peroxide different from hydrogen peroxide?

Carbamide is produced by the liver and is also called urea. Carbamide does not break down as quickly, allowing the whitening gel to remain on the teeth longer. Bleaching products containing carbamide may produce more desirable initial results, but both carbamide and hydrogen peroxide gels produce the same whitening results over time.

What is Opalescence PF?

Opalescence PF is an at-home Opalescence whitening gel option manufactured by Ultradent. Opalescence PF differs from the regular Opalescence whitening gel because it contains potassium nitrate and fluoride. Opalescence PF is formulated to prevent dehydration and also comes in four concentrated solutions for varying levels of whitening treatment.

What options does Opalescence offer for at-home teeth whitening?

Opalescence whitening products come in multiple at-home options. Syringes containing teeth whitening gel come in several concentrations. Some syringes contain a 10% teeth whitening solution while other syringes contain 15%, 25%, or 35%. For faster results, syringes containing higher percentages of teeth whitening agent are recommended. All syringes hold enough gel for two to three uses. Pre-filled Opalescence whitening trays are also an option and contain varying percentages of the peroxide whitening agent.

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