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Nylabone Dog Toys

Nylabone dog chews are designed to provide dogs with fun and safe toys for chewing. They come in many different materials and tasty combinations. They are also available in a range of sizes to be appropriate for dogs of all ages and breeds.

What taste combinations do Nylabone dog toys come in?

Nylabone chews are available in flavored and nonflavored varieties. Some of the nonconsumable flavored chews include chicken, peanut butter, filet mignon, and bacon flavors. They are also available in fun seasonal flavors, like chili cheese dog, popcorn, ice cream, and slushy. The consumable chews come in flavors dogs love, like roast beef, chicken, and lamb.

How do you choose the right size chew?

Nylabone chewables come in many different sizes and shapes. It's essential to choose the right size Nylabone for your dog based on their size, age, and chewing level. You should pick a dog toy that is large enough to encourage your dog to gnaw on the side of the toy rather than on the top or bottom. If you have more than one size dog in your home, it's important to buy toys that are designed for the largest dog or the strongest chewer among them.

Are there Nylabone toys made specifically for puppies?

The Nylabone brand offers several different types of chews that are designed to meet the needs of a growing puppy. The following is some information on the types of Nylabone puppy toys you may find.

  • Teething rings: These are made of durable materials, and they’re designed to offer relief and comfort to the teeth and gums of your puppy.
  • Puppy dental bones: These come with nubs that soothe achy gums and satisfy a puppy’s need for chewing.
  • Flavored teething rings: Teething rings come in a soft, durable material for new teeth.
  • Flavored bones: These are puppy-sized bones with tasty flavors that are made with softer materials for young teeth.
  • Edibles: These small bones encourage chewing with yummy tastes.
Are Nylabone treats edible?

Some Nylabone pet treats are made to be eaten. These dog bones come in several different flavors. There are consumable chews that are large and designed for use with a large-breed dog. The treats also come in smaller versions that are designed for use with a small or medium-sized dog. Also, there are consumables that address the chewing and nutritional needs of puppies.

How do you care for Nylabone chew toys?

To clean Nylabone dental chews, you can use warm water and a mild, nontoxic detergent. Chews can be scrubbed with a scrub brush to remove extra-tough dirt and grime. Nylabone toys should be replaced when the knuckle ends are worn down or the bone becomes too small for your pet to chew safely.