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Always Be Ready for That Photo with Nikon Camera Batteries

A Nikon Coolpix can open the door to a fun hobby or exciting career until the battery runs out unexpectedly. Though the stock camera battery can be fine, you have the option of upgrading your Nikon with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can help to ensure youll never miss another opportunity to capture precious memories.

What is the average life of a charged Nikon battery?

While the brand and type can vary, a Nikon Coolpix lithium-ion battery will last about 8-10 hours per trip to the charger. The batteries themselves should be fully charged within about four hours and the way in which you use the camera can vary the length of time the battery powers the device. Batteries for the Nikon Coolpix camera will last roughly eight hours between charges, so youve got enough power for an afternoon and evening of taking photos.

Whats the expected lifespan of these rechargeable batteries?

Rechargeable batteries, in general, have lifespans measured in charge cycles, that is how many times you can expect to dock on the charger before it fails and needs to be replaced. For a Nikon camera like the Coolpix, the batteries that are compatible can expect 800-1,000 charge cycles before failure.

How do you evaluate the capacity rating of your battery?

When youre looking for a battery, something to consider is the capacity, but in this case, capacity doesnt necessarily mean the same thing it would in other scenarios. Rather than the energy, it can hold after being on the charger, capacity, in this case, indicates how much power it can deliver to your device. This matters because some cameras require more energy capacity to operate at their full potential. A Nikon Coolpix camera will operate with a 1000mAh rating device.

What are some benefits of lithium-ion batteries cameras?

Lithium-ion is generally considered preferable due to a handful of criteria in which they perform well in a Nikon Coolpix or similar camera than lead or alkaline models. You might find the following information helpful.

  • The energy can be stored in high densities, meaning a smaller battery with a longer lifespan and charge-holding capacity. This is one of the advantages of an easy-to-use camera like a Nikon Coolpix.
  • Li-ion batteries have a more stable self-discharge rate, which means they lose charge while sitting at a rate of about 10%, compared to 30%+ with alkaline or lead batteries.
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