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Nike Golf Balls

The right golf ball can make a difference in your score. Golf balls from Nike can help add spin, distance, feel, control, and more onto the shots. The Nike brand offers a selection of balls from which to choose.

Does Nike still make golf equipment?

In 2016, the company announced that they were stopping production of golf equipment such as golf balls and clubs in favor of apparel and shoes. However, large inventories of Nike golf gear is still widely available, including both new and used balls.

What are some common Nike golf balls?

New and used branded golf balls are available. With a variety to choose from, golfers can find one that suits their style of play. Here are some of the most common Nike ball models.

  • The Mojo: This golf ball provides a boost to driving distance by using two-piece construction and a soft cover for maximum spin.
  • The Nike Vapor Black: The soft core and responsive cover give distance when hit and control in the short game. The Nike Vapor Black uses three-piece construction.
  • The RZN: All golf balls in the RZN line feature the same core. Using Speedlock technology, the core is able to capture energy efficiently, then transfer that into speed and distance. Black and Platinum models are targeted to serious golfers. Red and white models are for amateur or beginning players who have less swing speed.
Were Nike golf balls used by golf professionals?

Many highly successful PGA Tour players have used Nike balls. Here are some of the most well-known golfers who play using the brand:

  • Tiger Woods, known as one of golf's great legends, can be considered a pioneer of Nike golf gear and golf balls.
  • Rory McIlroy, a current leader on the PGA Tour, frequently used the Nike RZN model golf ball, winning a pair of major tournaments with them.
  • Women’s Tour phenom Michelle Wie used Nike RZN golf balls.
What is the difference in the RZN golf ball models?

In 2016, Nike updated their RZN Tour and Speed series. The four balls consist of:

  • RZN Tour Black Balls: These performance balls are aimed at players who wish to minimize the spin on their shots.
  • RZN Tour Platinum Balls: These balls are designed for golfers who prefer a mid-spin.
  • RZN Speed Red Balls: The Red Speed balls carry farther.
  • RZN Speed White Balls: The White version of the Speed balls feels softer.
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