Niftylift Heavy Equipment

Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting Niftylift Heavy Equipment

Niftylift is a manufacturer of heavy equipment that is used to lift workers up high and to move things around that are too difficult to move by hand. The company makes different types of machines that are self-propelled and automatic, depending on the piece of equipment. Many affordable options are available in this eBay category.

What are some of the product types Niftylift manufactures?

They are producers of heavy-duty equipment, but when it comes to lifting equipment, Niftylift offers several product types, including some of the following:

  • Access platforms
  • Cherry pickers
  • Boom lifts
  • Lift platforms
  • Aerial platforms
What type of fuel does Niftylift equipment run on?

The type of fuel needed to run their equipment depends on the type of machine. Some machines may run on diesel or gasoline. Make sure to consider the fuel type before selecting your equipment so that you can take into account gas and diesel prices. This will help you gain a better understanding of how much it will take to run the machine.

What should you look for when purchasing used machines?

You should do research on the product that you are purchasing so you can compare it to a new machine. Check the photos of the particular product in the listing to see if you can determine its condition. You may also wish to ask questions of the seller to get more information on the piece of equipment.

What are some Niftylift equipment models?

This can vary depending on the type of equipment you need. Most of their equipment deals with lifting products or people up high. The products are often used to build, check power lines, and clean windows on shorter buildings. Niftylift has four major lines of lifting equipment, and each product offers different weight limits, outreach mechanics, and lifting heights.

  • TM Line - Holds 500 pounds; outreach of 16-39 feet; height of 40-69 feet
  • SP Line - Holds 500-625 pounds; outreach of 20-65 feet; height of 40-65 feet
  • SD Line - Holds 500-625 pounds; outreach of 20-42 feet; height of 42-70 feet
  • TD Line - Holds 500 pounds; outreach of 20-25 feet; height of 40-48 feet
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