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A Guide to New Balance Sneakers for Women

Blue New Balance Sneakers

New Balance is recognized globally for producing quality, comfortable sneakers. The brand produces fashion sneakers, walking sneakers, running shoes, and tennis sneakers, among others. New Balance sneakers for women maintain their distinction by using model numbers for the sneakers rather than names. The number identifies the type of shoe, the purpose or activity it is designed for, and whether it is intended for speed or stability.

What models of running shoes
are available for women?

  • Fresh Foam Arishi V2 : The Arishi V2s are running & jogging shoes suitable for active women. They are created with a new foam feature designed for comfort. Their light weight makes them suitable for running. They come in a variety of colors. To get a perfect fit, go half a size larger than usual. See the manufacturers site for details.
Grey New Balance Sneakers
  • 680 V6 running shoes : These are athletic sneakers that are lightweight and appropriate for warm weather. They are quite breathable, supportive, comfortable, and sturdy.
  • 1540 V3 running shoes : This model is a type of motion-control shoe. It is suitable for athletic women who overpronate. Overpronation is when an ankle rotates too far inward and downward. New Balance designed the shoe with a midsole form and a lot of cushioning to protect women with flat feet. The shoe has mesh material that makes it breathable and keeps the feet dry. It is available in various colors.
  • 1080 V10 V4 : This is another type of athletic sneaker from New Balance that is very cushioned. This model has some arch support and a fresh foam midsole. It is meant to be lightweight and has an ortholite sock liner for comfort.

Does New Balance
offer fashion sneakers?

Yes, besides its high production of sports shoes, New Balance also offers fashion sneakers, such as:

  • New Balance 574 core : This is a casual fashion sneaker that is available in five colors.
  • Made in the US 990 V5 : In the company's casual sneakers collection comes the 990 V5 that integrates leather and synthetic materials. New Balance created it as a shoe that can be used for both fashion and running.
  • Fuel core NERGIZE : This is a casual fashion sneaker with a sleek aesthetic that is suitable for daily wear or weekend activities. It has a REVlite cushioned midsole. To get the perfect fit, order half a size larger than your normal size. These New Balance sneakers for women are also ideal as cross-training shoes.
Pink New Balance Sneakers for Women

What are some models of tennis shoes offered by New Balance?

New Balance is all-inclusive when it comes to sports shoe varieties. Some of the company's collections of tennis shoes include:

  • New Balance 1006v1 tennis shoe : This model is a successor to the 1005 model that incorporates new features for comfort such as the REVlite midsole. It has mesh material to make it breathable and ensure dryness. It is available in three colors and comes in a variety of widths and sizes. See the manufacturer's site for details.
  • New Balance 696 V4 : This womens tennis shoe is made with the latest technology of a herringbone-patterned outsole suitable for hard courts. This shoe has a lot of perforation details to ensure breathability as well as a cushioned midsole to make it lightweight. The material used is mesh and synthetic leather for breathability. The shoe is available in two colors.
  • Claycourt fuel cell 996v4 : This model is made with synthetic mesh and has an inbuilt pro-bank support meant to offer high lateral stability. It has an outsole to ensure stable footing and a midsole meant for high propulsion and energy return. Fuel-cell 996 V4 is highly suitable for clay-court tennis.
New Balance Sneakers for Women

New Balance FuelCell Rebel vs. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz

New Balance FuelCell Rebel New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz
Shaft Style Low-top Low-top
Fit A little small Runs large
Closures Closed instep/Laces Laces
Available Colors 3 4

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