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Naturalizer Boots for Women

Naturalizer women’s boots are available in a variety of different styles and materials. Different heights and fits are also available. Caring for these shoes properly is likely to extend their longevity.

What types of boots does Naturalizer offer?

Women searching for boots from Naturalizer have many options available, including:

  • Ankle: Ankle boots sit just below the ankle bone and come with a variety of different fasteners, including zippers and elastic paneling.
  • Booties: Booties can be cut at the ankle or slightly lower or higher depending on the particular style. Embellishments like buckles and fringe are also possibilities.
  • Dress: Dress boots are available in a variety of heights, from bootie to knee-high. The type of material and colors available frequently dictate a dress style.
  • Knee-high:: As the name implies, these boots extend up to the knee. They are available in extended sizes and widths.
  • Riding: Riding boots have low heels and square or rounded toes. Naturalizer offers an array of wide-calf riding boots.
  • Wide calf: Available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, Naturalizer's wide calf boots are cut larger around calves as well as through the foot.
  • Winter: Winter boots frequently include more or thicker insulation than other styles.
How do you take care of Naturalizer boots?

Care largely depends on the materials of the Naturalizer boots. Leather boots can be conditioned periodically to guard against staining and spills. Especially dry boots may need more coats than supple shoes. Polish can then be used in the same color as the boot to remedy scuffing. Apply the polish until the desired look is achieved. Polish the boots using circular motions.

A soft brush or damp cloth can also be used to gently rub off dirt, dust, or grime. Dirt or mud that is left can be removed with a toothbrush. For stubborn stains, use saddle soap. If you have suede shoes, use an appropriate brush to refresh the nap and remove dirt. Sealers can be used for extra protection.

What materials are used to make Naturalizer boots?

Different types of rubber, leather, and metallic elements like zippers or buckles are utilized in shoe designs. Rubber typically makes up the sole and includes indented grooves on many pairs. Buckles and zippers help to embellish and fasten shoes, in addition to elastic paneling that allows for a pull-on effect in some cases. Composition often depends on the particular pair of Naturalizer boots at hand. Colors and patterns are achieved with different textiles and fabrics as well.

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