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Versatile and Stylish Motorola Leather Cell Phone Cases

Motorola leather cell phone cases come in a variety of styles and colors to showcase your phone for business or personal use. The cases also are available in a number of configurations and may have one or more functional features. The cases are designed to either fit a specific Motorola cell phone - such as a Moto - or a variety of Motorola cell phones.

What styles are available?

Motorola leather cases come in a variety of styles and colors. Some case models may come in a choice of colors as well as artwork patterns. Below are some of the colors and styles available for the cases.

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Color
  • Embedded artwork
What types of cases are available?

There are several different types of cases available for the Moto cell phone and other Motorola phone models. One type of case is a fitted or skin case. This minimal design allows the phone and the case to fit into any shirt, jacket, or pants pocket. There is also the pouch or sleeve case. This case allows the phone to slip into and out of the case. Another kind of case is the wallet case. They may come with a flap to protect the front of the phone and slots to hold credit, identification, or business cards. These wallet cases may also contain zipper pockets to hold coins. Finally, there is the clip case, which comes with a belt clip and holster and allows the phone case to be carried on a belt, shirt pocket, or at the top of leg wear. The brand has manufactured each type of case for the Moto and the Razr models.

What types of Motorola models are compatible with the cases?

The cases may fit an individual Motorola model phone which include the Moto and Razr phone. The product description will usually specify which phone fits with the case. Usually, the newer the phone, the more different types of cases are available for that model.

What accessories come with the case?

A fitted or skin model may come with a front glass protector. The front glass protector is designed to help prevent chips, scratches, and cracks from appearing on the front screen. A pouch or sleeve model may come with a strap that allows the case to be attached to another accessory or to be more securely held. A wallet case may come with a vanity mirror or a kickstand to allow the case and the phone to sit on a flat surface. And the clip case will typically come with a belt clip and a holster to carry the phone on an article of clothing.

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