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Precision Welds With Miller Industrial TIG Welders

Industrial welding involves working with heavier metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, and other speciality metals. Heavy industry requires professional welding equipment such as the Miller XMT 350 models. Miller XMT 350 prices depend on whether the unit for sale on eBay is used or brand new.

Which Miller Industrial TIG Welders Works for You?

As a professional welder working within heavy industries, you are going to need a multi-process, portable, and lightweight welder. The Miller XMT 350 series of welders meet these industrial needs and more. Whether the application is construction, repair shops, or shipbuilding, the Miller XMT 350 TIG welders can handle the job. Two popular models are featured. The Miller XMT 350 CC CV and the Miller XMT 350 VS.

Professional Miller XMT 350 CC CV Welder

With a net weight of 36 kilograms, this portable, lightweight TIG welder accepts multiple power sources from 208 to 575 volts and requires phases 3 or 1. This flexible autoline feature helps deal with unreliable power sources at construction sites. Additionally, the Miller XMT has 350 amps, 350 cc, and Dinse-style weld disconnects. The 350 cc stands for "consistent preset current," which will help maintain that Miller 350 amperage setting. Other features include:

  • Multi-process: The Miller XMT 350 CC CV works with other types of welding processes besides TIG. You can also weld with MIG, stick, flux-cored, and carbon arc gouging processes.
  • 14-pin receptacle: Another popular flexible feature in which the XMT can be used with spool guns, feeders, and remote controls.
  • Remote controls: With the Auto Remote Sense, the Miller XMT 350 CC CV can automatically use remote control if connected to a remote control receptacle.
  • Welder friendly control panel: The panel comes complete with a process selector switch, large, pre-settable dual digital meters and an ultra-tough, poly-carbonate blended cover.
  • Convenient handles: Last but not least, the handles increase portability for fabrication, railroads, power generation plants, and truck or trailer manufacturing.
Professional Miller XMT 350 VS

For construction or fabrication applications, you might choose to use the simplified, easy-to-use Miller XMT 350 VS. With this welder, you do not need the 14-pin receptacle for remote control or the 14-pin feeders.

Essential Miller XMT 350 Accessories

Recommend safety accessories for the XMT 350 welders include Miller helmets, welding gloves, and jackets. You should also consider the recommended technical accessories, such as the ArcReach for both featured welders. With ArcReach, you control the feeder rather than going back to the power source to change the output settings.

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