Men's Polos

How to Shop for Men's Polos

A polo shirt is a very versatile men's shirt option that can provide a casual professional look at work or sporting events. Follow this guide to assist you in making a selection based on your needs and preferences.

When is it appropriate to wear a long-sleeve polo?

Long-sleeve men's polo shirts can be worn at any occasion where you would wear a men's short-sleeve polo shirt. They both provide the same basic style and level of formality. The only difference is that a long-sleeve polo will cover more of your skin. This can make it useful if you are outside and need protection from the cold or UV rays.

Which material should you pick for your polo shirt?

Men's polo shirts can be made from all sorts of blends of fibers. Here are some potentially helpful options to choose from.

  • Cotton: This traditional material is comfortable in warm weather. It is soft and holds bright-colored dyes very well.
  • Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is very durable and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Nylon: Nylon has a silky feel while also being moisture-wicking and stain-resistant.
  • Tencel: Made from wood fibers, this eco-friendly workout fabric is soft and very breathable.
  • Spandex: Many polo shirts have a small amount of spandex added to improve flexibility and stretch.
Are polo shirts made to be tucked in?

Yes, most men's style guides agree that polo shirts look best when tucked into pants and worn with a proper belt. However, these are just guidelines, not strict rules. If you prefer to wear your polo shirt untucked, it will still look perfectly fine. When shopping for shirts you plan to wear untucked, select ones with a shorter hem and a slimmer fit.

Is there a difference between polo, tennis, and golf shirts?

A polo shirt can be worn for tennis games or golf games without breaking any rules or looking unusual. However, the average polo may not have the materials needed to provide optimal performance during a game of golf. Therefore, if you plan on wearing your polo to golf, you may want to pick one specifically designed for your sport.

What size polo shirt should you get?

To find your size in polo shirts, you usually need to measure your shoulders and torso. Then, you can compare this to the manufacturer's size chart to find their recommended polo size. You can also consider going up a size for a looser fit or going down a size to get a slim-fit polo shirt.