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Be Stylish as You Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

An essential staple for the summer months is a pair of stylish sunglasses that provide UV protection for your eyes. Maui Jim sunglasses for women are a classic option available on eBay that offers the protection you need along with the style you want.

Are Maui Jim lenses polarized?

All lenses on Maui Jim sunglasses for women feature patented polarized lenses. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that can minimize the amount and intensity of light that passes through the lens. Therefore, lenses with polarizing technology can help reduce glare. This is especially important for areas with high levels of glare, such as bodies of water or traffic-heavy roadways.

Does Maui Jim have colored lenses?

In addition to being polarized, new and used Maui Jim lenses also come in a variety of colors for both appearance and specific applications. Some examples include the following.

  • Neutral grey, the default lens color, is ideal for bright sunlight. It provides the sharpest contrast of any of the lenses.
  • HCL (high contrast lens) Bronze lenses provide a warm tint that is geared toward everyday use
  • Maui Rose gives a subtle red tint that gives the highest available contrast. It is recommended for anyone participating in sports or other fast moving activities.
  • Maui HT (high transmission) is a green tinted lens that offers color and contrast. This color lens is recommended for golf players or those who want to use sunglasses in lower light environments.
What are the different materials for Maui Jim lenses?

Maui Jim sunglasses for women come in a selection of four different lens materials:

  • SuperThin glass is ideal for crisp optics and scratch resistance.
  • MauiBrilliant is the most advanced material and provides strong clarity.
  • MauiPure, which is the most commonly used material, provides clarity along with shatter resistance.
  • The Evolution lenses combine the properties of the other options, including shatter resistance and scratch resistance.
Does Maui Jim provide prescription sunglass lenses?

Yes, Maui Jim manufacturers prescription lenses. There are two lens options, Evolution, which is ideal for everyday use, or polycarbonate, recommended for active users. Both lenses can be manufactured with single-magnification or progressive prescriptions. Bifocal lenses are not available, but consumers tend to prefer the no-line design of the progressive lenses.