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A Guide to Selecting Marantz Vintage Speakers on eBay

A pair of vintage speakers can add a unique touch to your home, both sonically and aesthetically. Marantz speakers are known for their ability to withstand age and still sound excellent, and there are plenty offered for sale on eBay. Here's how to find the best speakers to fit your price and personal preference.

Purchasing single Marantz speakers versus speaker cabinets

As you browse vintage Marantz speakers for sale, you will find that there are two broad options: speakers still mounted in cabinets and unmounted units. Speakers in cabinets are typically the most convenient to buy, as they are already installed and properly wired.

Of course, if you need replacement speakers or are skilled in mounting them, then you may prefer to purchase the individual components. If you aren't sure which is being advertised, be sure to read the listing carefully. Many unmounted speakers are sold in sets, so you would only need to provide the cabinet you want to put them in. Purchasing them individually might be ideal if you have a certain cabinet you'd like to use to create a certain aesthetic within the space you're going to be putting the speakers in.

Paying attention to the condition of Marantz vintage speakers

Before you buy a set of Marantz speakers, you likely want to know their condition. A listing will typically clarify whether speakers are tested. A set that is tested has been shown to work well. However, if you are someone who knows how to work on speakers, an untested set may prove to be a good investment.

Another thing to consider is the cosmetic condition. Bookshelf speakers can enhance both the appearance and audio system of your home theater. This may not matter to you quite as much, but if you'd strongly prefer a set of nice-looking speakers, then be sure to scrutinize pictures. Most listings will detail any noticeable cosmetic defects as well as steps you may need to take to restore them to a closer-to-new condition.

What types of Marantz speakers are there to choose from?

Due to the range of speakers produced, you are likely to find a Marantz speaker vintage-ware for just about any use. Marantz HD880 stereo speakers for sale may be worth purchasing if you want powerful speakers for your in-home sound system. If you want something a bit smaller, the Marantz HD 680 offers a similar look with less wattage.

On the other hand, if you want a simpler in-home speaker option, Marantz 4G speakers, like the Imperial models, offer a more space-effective solution. Of course, when in doubt about the capabilities of a given speaker that you're considering, see the manufacturer's site for details.

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