Mahindra Tractors

Get to Work With a Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra tractors offer users a variety of features to meet different sizing and functional jobs. On eBay, you can find an assortment of new and used tractors from this maker, designed for outdoor and field work and equipped with varying power and safety features. Each tractor has an arm with functions that are specific to the type of tractor, such as the eMax.

What are some of the different horsepower grades available?

The different tractors offer varying power capacities. Users moving larger items and equipment would likely want to consider options that are rated for higher power usage. A horsepower of roughly 22-24 is able to lift objects of up to 900 lbs. Each unit comes equipped with a front-end loader that is able to rotate and move according to user control in order to lift objects. This eliminates the need for additional equipment to properly position objects for lifting, enhancing both safety and convenience. Some of the different power ratings available are:

  • 22 HP
  • 26 HP
  • 55 HP
  • 105 HP
Are users covered in the tractor cab space?

Users in the tractors cab may be either enclosed or not, depending on the model. Units that enclose the users have glass window panes with metal framing to give the rider visibility on all sides. Seats provide leg room so riders will be completely inside the cab space, whether or not it is enclosed. Covered roofs are also included in enclosed units, which can withstand mild debris and protect the user from the hazards of dust. Before purchasing, you should consider how to plan to use the tractor as well as safety precautions for the type of work being performed.

How is tractor movement handled?

Each tractor contains a steering wheel and pedals for movement. In addition, joystick control may be used for the front-end loader. For safety purposes, users should familiarize themselves with tractor controls prior to use. Back wheels on all models are larger than front wheels. Four-wheel drive may also be included for additional control when maneuvering the unit. Shuttle-shift transmission is used in some models. Others use a hydrostatic (HST) transmission.

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