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Finding Your Carefree Style With Magnolia Pearl Clothing

Magnolia Pearl clothing has a casual yet chic appearance thats created by using natural cotton, silk, wool, and linen fabrics with casual cuts and distressed details. When you shop on eBay, youll find a wide variety of Magnolia Pearl clothing to suit your tastes.

What types of clothing does Magnolia Pearl make?

Some of the types of Magnolia Pearl clothing are described here:

  • Shirts: Many are T-shirts, but others are blouses with details such as ruffles, lace, and applique.
  • Jackets: There is a wide variety of jackets including denim jackets and ones with distressed details.
  • Pants: Bloomers, slacks, and linen pants are common in the collection.
  • Dresses: Smock, slip, and other styles of dresses are available in a variety of lengths.
  • Overalls: Denim overalls with distressed details are available.
Types of designs, patterns, and colors that characterize Magnolia Pearl

Many of the color schemes are muted or neutral colors. Some of these include black, white, washed-out denim blue, cream, faded blue, and faded black. There are some pieces that offer more colors such as pink, peach, yellow as well as more saturated blues. Most of the pieces have some form of stylized wear throughout the clothing, and many of the T-shirts feature photographs. Additionally, florals, stars, and railroad stripes are often used. Many of the pieces have pockets and patches to further stylize the looks.

Embellishments and details on Magnolia Pearl clothing

Ruffles, patches, pockets, bows, ribbon, eyelet fabric, and lace are sometimes used on the clothing. For closures, snap on shirts make getting dressed simple, and the overalls have classic latch clasps. Hook and eye closures and pearl buttons are also sometimes used.

How to find Magnolia Pearl clothing to fit you

One of the benefits that many of these pieces of clothing have is that the style is loose-fitting. Consequently, its simple to find pieces that are forgiving. Additionally, many of the pieces of clothing are made to fit a range of sizes. Many of the pants have elastic waists, and some of the shirts have elastic around the arms. For materials and cuts that are less forgiving, many of the pieces of clothing have measurements that you can match to your own. See the manufacturer site for details.

When youre taking measurements for jackets, fitting the broadest part of your shoulders is one of the most important things. Also, you should ensure that pant lengths fit your measurements, and you can double-check the length of dresses as these are usually listed.

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