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Maxfli Golf Balls

Whether you are an amateur or experienced golfer, the choice of golf ball will not drastically change your score, but it can add a small advantage. The Maxfli brand designs each golf ball to benefit a specific area of a golf game, such as distance, aim, or short game. Maxfli golf balls provide beginners as well as professionals with golf accessories to meet their individual needs.

How can you choose a golf ball?

In designing their golf balls, the Maxfli brand adjusts three characteristics with the view of improving an overall golf game. First, the shape and size of the dimples on the outer layer have an impact on how the ball flies. The other two attributes, the cover and core, refer to its composition. Some balls have only two pieces, the cover and a solid core on the inside, and other styles have cores made of multiple layers. The categories of golf balls and their characteristics include:

  • Tour balls: These are used by professional golfers and have up to six layers. Their soft covers allow for the most control, improved distance, and higher spin for more precise targeting on shorter shots. These provide a high level of control and are frequently used on golf tours.
  • Performance balls: These are used by players with medium swing speeds and contain multiple layers that provide low spin with long shots as well as good control on the green.
  • Distance balls: These have two layers with a hardcover and large core that help carry the ball further with less spin.
  • A soft feel: This designates golf balls that have more deformation when hit, meaning the ball changes shape a tiny bit. Even though this change is not necessarily noticeable, the way the ball absorbs the force lessens the spin and results in longer and straighter shots with wedges and short irons.
What is the difference between the U/Fli and U/6 series?

The U/6 series includes the U/6 Tour, U/6 Tour Soft, and U/6 Tour X. Each as four core layers that are assembled to provide expert control during golf tournaments. The U/Fli series includes the U/Fli Soft and U/Fli Spin models. These golf balls combine a dual-layer core and a soft cover with a view of creating a ball that helps both experts and mid-range players fine-tune their golf games.

What are the golf ball cover materials?

The cover or outer layer of golf balls is either composed of Surlyn or urethane. Surlyn is an ionomer that is the most common covering, and it reduces spin and is the most durable type. Urethane is frequently used on golf tours by expert players because of its control potential.

What golf balls are recommended for golf beginners?

The Noodle and the Revolution series of golf balls each provides a two-piece composition and soft feel to help golfers with mid-range swing speeds and skills. The Revolution series consists of two models: Revolution Distance and Revolution Control.

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