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Ludwig Drum Hoops and Rims

Ludwig drum hoops and rims are the choice of many percussionists of varied skill levels. Ludwig has been producing drums and drum accessories for over 100 years, so the company knows what it's doing in this area. Whether you are a novice or a professional drummer, Ludwig can serve your beats well. Its rims and hoops can keep your snare drum cracking and your bass drum thumping the way you need it to. Consider vintage Black Beauty hoops if you are an aficionado or professional percussionist with an appreciation of days long gone.

Which Materials Are Used to Make Ludwig Hoops and Rims?

Hoops and rims are constructed solidly from metal. A variety of metals can give your snare drum a distinct sound or alter the weight of your instrument. They are also often triple-flanged to provide a secure and gap-free fit.

  • Steel is the metal of choice at Ludwig, but there are other options as well.
  • Chrome is one such option, while wood and brass are available as well.

Why Choose Die-Cast?

Since you beat your drum continuously, you want strong hardware that looks good and performs well.

  • Die-cast hoops are made by pouring molten metal into a reusable mold.
  • They are a continuous piece of metal that is very strong and can stand up to a good beating.
  • A die-cast snare drum hoop provides a snug fit and good tones.

Other Snare Accessories and Parts

Your percussion instrument will also need lugs from time to time. Lugs are what hold your tension rods in place, enabling you to tune your bass drum. Make sure you match your lugs to your tension rods and hoops. For instance, if you have two-toned accents, determine which pieces are a specific color before making a selection. A bass drum or clap hat that is part of a drum kit will certainly need a pedal to operate, and it's a wise idea to have a backup when you're on the road or even just practicing. Other than the drum itself, one of the most noticeable things about percussion instruments is their sticks or mallets. Sticks are arguably one of the most-often replaced accessories. Replacement heads are another must-have backup, just in case the beat gets too good.

Drum Head Size

A tom drum has a different diameter head than a snare or a bass does and will require a different diameter of drum hoop. Because of this, you need to consider the size of the head and shell before choosing one. Although many snares have 14-inch heads, there are other dimensions as well since most drum brands craft their drums differently.

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