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Lowrance Fish and Depth Finders

Lowrance offers marine electronics and supports several fish-finder product lines: Hook, Elite Ti, HDS Gen 3, FishHunter, and HDS Carbon. Lowrance provides complete fish-finder sets consisting of transducer and display units that users can operate to control their settings. Fish finders can be also be expanded with optional signal-processing modules for more detailed results at higher boating speeds.

How do fish finders work?

Transducers mounted on a boat send sonar signals down into the water, and the reflected signals are received and analyzed by electronics to give a picture of the bottom surface and any fish that may be underneath and at their depth. Color displays can aid in identification of fish, structures, and the bottom. Variable sonar burst transducer CHIRP technology provides greater depth penetration and separation between multiple signals from below.

Which fish finders are the basic line?

The Lowrance Hook series comes in 3.5-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, and 7-inch display sizes, and their features include:

  • High-resolution LED-color display
  • Built-in water temperature sensor
  • A dual-frequency DownScan imaging view
  • DownScan skimmer transducer that’s designed to track bottom at 55 mph
  • Pushbutton controls for 455kHz or 800kHz operations, detailed zoom display, and backlighting
What does the Elite Ti line offer?

The Lowrance Elite Ti series packages comes in 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch screen versions. Their wide, horizontal screens offer views with split-screen displays of fish and submerged structures. Other features of the Elite Ti include:

  • Touch-screen technology
  • High-powered processors for additional viewing options
  • DownScan or TotalScan views, including scanning to the sides of your boat, come bundled with each Lowrance Elite Ti package
  • All-in-one TotalScan transducer is designed for the ability to see CHIRP, 2D, Down Scan, and StructureScan views
  • Supports Insight Genesis software for lake and coastal mapping
  • Supports NMEA-2000 networking
What are chart plotters?

Anglers who fish lakes and coastal waters often want to map their favorite fishing spots. Chart plotters combine GPS with a boats speed and heading information to display the boats current location on a map of the water. Using Lowrance’s combination fish-finder/chart-plotter units lets you plot your journey and mark the boat’s track with waypoints. Mapping software provides compatible maps.

What is the Lowrance HDS Gen3 series?

The HDS Gen3 series is a bottom-focused design that offers target separation, a screen, and integration of boat controls with the electronics systems.

Can a land-based fisherman use a Lowrance fish finder?

Yes, the Lowrance FishHunter sends underwater sonar pictures over Wi-Fi to a tablet or smartphone. The FishHunter can also be used from a boat, kayak, or canoe. Its water-depth range is intended for 150 feet to 160 feet, and the Wi-Fi range for 150 feet to 200 feet.

Lowrance products include compatible cables, adapters, add-on modules, and transducers for bottom-searching sonar and fish-finder functionality.

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