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Lowe Alpine Men's Coats and Jackets

In 1967, Greg Lowe (brother of notable Alpine style climber Jeff Lowe) established Lowe Alpine and created an innovative product that quickly found place in the hearts of consumers. Throughout the years, Lowe Alpine has continuously made improvements and additions to its product line. From a single product offering of internal framed backpacks, this outdoor equipment manufacturer now operates on an international level. It sells and supplies hiking gear and clothing that can weather varying conditions and temperatures. Outdoor lovers choose this brand for its quality. Lowe Alpine men's coats and jackets are reliably waterproof, windproof, and importantly, breathable.

What types of Lowe Alpine coats and jackets are available?

Lowe Alpine offers a number of clothing articles for keeping men warm and dry outdoors. Here are some of them:

  • Lowe Alpine Fleece Jackets . These provide extra warmth. You can get these without hood. Hooded ones may be a better option for men. It's important to have instant access to a head covering when you need one. For a layering piece that doesn't give a bulky look, you can get a fleece with no sleeve. Wear this fleece under your regular jacket when temperatures get colder outdoors. Lowe Alpine Aleutian Fleece is one option.
  • Lowe Alpine Rain Jackets. These provide dryness. Some are softshell and lightweight without sacrificing reliability. You can get one with Stormweave feature. It manages moisture levels within your body. Check out Lowe Alpine's Taiga jacket for men. Perfect for mountaineers, the waterproof breathable shell fabric gives waterproof protection as you make your way up the summit. The zips are watertight ensuring no water penetrates the jacket.
  • Lowe Alpine Parkas. These provide extra protection with longer length designs. The material maintains breathability as it provides full protection from the elements. These are easy to wear and carry. Whether you have one on or just carry one around, it does not compromise your mobility. Try Lowe Alpine Triple Point Parka for men as an option. It is hooded, deep-pocketed, and made of seam-sealed waterproof nylon.

How do you maximize weather protection?

It is crucial to utilize coats and jackets that meet the requirements. But, you can further add body protection through appropriate accessories such as:

  • Gloves. These provide insulation and ensure your fingers don't stiffen from extreme cold. Appropriate gloves helps you keep a steady grip as you move around, hold your gear, or make your climb. Protective gloves also shield you from cuts and grazes.
  • Layering Pieces . This provides extra protection when weather conditions get worse. Appropriate layering pieces provide sure fitting and won't inconvenience you. They are preferably lightweight and breathable so you don't feel restricted nor get dehydrated.
  • Backpacks. These provide protection to all your gear and add it to your back. Appropriate backpacks keep your gear and your back dry.

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