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Make It Easy to Choose Less Than 20-inch LCD Televisions

The bigger, the better doesn't necessarily have to apply to LCD televisions. There are plenty that are less than 20 inches that may still be a good option when it comes to watching your favorite shows regardless of where you want to do so. Whether you're looking for a TV to take with you on the go, to be using somewhere in your home, or you're thinking of giving it as a gift, knowing what's out there and available could help you make an informed purchase.

Are the small LCD televisions portable?

Some small TVs are extremely portable. There are those that are on the larger side but can still rather easily be moved from one location to the next, and ones that are lightweight and handheld so they're designed to go where you do. You might be able to use the TV while out in the yard, while cooking along food channel, or even while camping. Keep in mind, however, that the reception signal does play a part in where you're going to be able to use the television.

What brands offer these LCD TVs?

You may be able to find several different brands that offer televisions that are less than 20 inches. For example, you might see Samsung, Coby, Sharp, Vizio, and RCA just to name a few of your options. With so many different brands from which to choose, you'll certainly have a selection to peruse.

What colors are TVs that are less than 20 inches?

Depending on when you're searching for your less than 20-inch LCD TV, you could find them in a variety of different colors. There are black, white, and silver or gray TVs, of course, but it might also be possible to buy them in colors such as purple or green. You may even find clear TVs so you could see some of the inner components. The many choices allow you to complement the color décor in your home.

What are some features of the small TVs?

Features can vary from one 20-inch or less LCD TV to the next, so it's important to consider what you desire in a television — such as if you prefer an HDTV — and compare that to the features that are detailed in the description of each product as well as on the packaging that could be showcased in pictures of the items. Depending on which television you're considering, some of the features that might be part of your television might include:

  • Built-in DVD player
  • Flat screen
  • Waterproof
  • Headphone jack
  • HDMI input
  • Remote
  • Wide screen