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Leica V-LUX Digital Camera

A digital camera can provide you with the ability to capture photos and have them stored on a memory card, after which the pictures can be transferred to a variety of different locations. Leica V-LUX Digital Cameras come with a number of features, including a wide optical zoom range for taking snapshots of family gatherings, holiday outings, and school events.

What are some features available with a digital cameras?

These units can be equipped with a wide array of features, the most common of which include the ability to capture video in either 720p or 1080p resolution, both of which classify as high definition. Many are outfitted with autofocus technology as well as an autofocus lock that keeps the setting in place. When taking pictures, available settings include red-eye reduction and face detection. Additional features include a built-in flash, PictBridge support, and a histogram display.

Which colors do these cameras come in?

These devices are available in a wide array of colors options, the most common of which include black and white. Some additional color options include blue, red, silver, green, gold, and brown. A number of these devices can also be chosen in multiple colors with combinations like red and blue and camouflage.

What is a zoom lens?

Some of the lenses that can be attached to these cameras are referred to as zoom lenses. With this type of lens, you can zoom to multiple focal lengths with a single autofocus function. Zoom lenses are outfitted with a focal length range from 30 to 200 millimeters. As you change the focus amount with these lenses, they maintain their original focal length until you switch. These particular lenses usually come with higher apertures, which are listed as smaller numbers like f/2.8.

What are the different camera types available?
  • Point-and-shoot: This is a type of still camera that is outfitted with either focus-free lenses or ones that use autofocus technology. They make use of additional automatic systems in order to alter the exposure settings, and most units are equipped with built-in flash.
  • DSLR: This is a type of single-lens reflex camera that is typically large in size and provides you with both automatic and manual settings. Some of the manual settings and systems equipped on these devices include manual focus, shutter priority, and aperture priority. The lenses are also interchangeable with these particular devices.
  • Bridge compact: This is a type of camera that bridges a variety of different types to create one that primarily comes with automatic settings and features while also providing a small amount of control over the exposure settings on the device. The lenses on these cameras are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Mirrorless interchangeable: These particular devices are compact in size while providing you with the ability to change the lenses. They come without optical viewfinders or a mirror system, which allows them to be smaller in size.