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Understanding the Basics of Selecting Leica Digital Cameras

If you love photography, then you may want a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR). While some people use these cameras to make a living, many more people use them to capture the most important memories of their lives like babies, graduations, sporting events. Since 1914, many people have owned Leica cameras, and there are a few different digital options available from the brand.

What are camera sensors?

Camera sensors convert optical images into electrical signals that are captured by the sensor's megapixels. Cameras have many different sizes of sensors that perform different functions including:

  • Full-frame: These sensors measuring 36x24mm allow you to see exactly the image you are capturing through the viewfinder.
  • APS-C: These sensors measuring 23.6x15.8mms enlarges the captured images allowing you to use a shorter lens while appearing to get closer to the subject. Therefore, they are often preferred for shooting sports and wildlife.
  • Four-thirds: These sensors measuring 18x13.5mm allows you to use a lens with half the focal length to capture the same shot. For example, if you would normally use a 50mm lens, it will act like a 100mm lens.
What is shutter speed?

Shutter speed is the measurement of how long the shutter remains open. It is measured in seconds or fractions of a second. Generally, using a faster shutter speed stops motion while using a slower shutter speed blurs motion. Most DSLR cameras have a shutter speed from just a fraction of a second to several seconds. Some shutter cameras have a shutter speed option allowing you to leave the shutter open until you tell it to close. Cameras with longer shutter speeds often have image stabilization software built into them helping to control camera shake.

What are some exposure modes commonly seen on DSLR cameras?

Most digital cameras like those from Leica can be set so that the camera controls the aperture and shutter speed while allowing the photographer to control exposure compensation, flash, white balance, and other factors. Many also have three special exposure modes including:

  • Program mode: The camera automatically adjusts the aperture and shutter speed, but the photographer can choose between different choices producing the same effect.
  • Shutter speed priority mode: The shutter speed is selected by the photographer, but the aperture is selected by the camera.
  • Aperture priority mode: The aperture is selected by the photographer, but the shutter speed is selected by the camera.
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