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Leather Backpacks, Bags, and Briefcases for Men

Leather backpacks, bags, and briefcases for men provide a means of transporting daily essentials such as a laptop, tablet, e-reader, smartphone, notebook, and more. The leather fabric is available in a range of colors. Leather is also known for its strength, making it a suitable material for straps, handles, and bases for bags that will contain heavy items.

What are the styles of leather bags for a man?
  • Crossbody and backpack: A cross-body leather satchel has one long strap that goes over one shoulder and crosses over the trunk of the body at a diagonal. A backpack has two straps to wear over the shoulders, and the main section of the leather backpack is worn on the back. Backpacks usually have multiple compartments or pockets.
  • Messenger: A messenger style of satchel typically features a large flap that folds over the top. The flap often has pockets on it that make small items accessible without opening the large interior compartment.
  • Laptop: A leather laptop bag has one big compartment for the laptop and several smaller compartments for accessories such as a power adapter, USB mouse, and papers.
  • Sports: Sports duffles for men feature a cylindrical shape and a top opening that extends for the length of the duffel. This makes it easier to put in and take out pieces of bulky equipment, gear, or clothing from the bag.
  • Briefcase and Attache briefcase: A leather briefcase has one large compartment. A pocket is typically located on the interior side of the briefcase's lid. The attache type of a briefcase features two separate compartments. They often have a combination lock for enhanced security.
What are the features of a leather backpack or briefcase
  • Adjustable straps: The straps on leather backpacks and satchels may be adjustable for comfort when wearing the item.
  • Audio or water bottle pocket: Leather briefcases, satchels, and backpacks may have an exterior pocket for inserting an MP3 audio player or a standard 20-ounce water bottle.
  • Laptop sleeve: An interior laptop sleeve may be available in briefcases, backpacks, and satchels made of leather. The laptop sleeve cushions the computer and keeps it from sliding out of the bag or briefcase.
  • Expandable: The interior of a leather briefcase may offer expandable inserts or pockets for organizing papers and other items.
How do you choose a man's leather briefcase or bag?
  • Select a hard or soft case: Leather briefcases are available with a soft or hard case. Bags are available with a soft or hard leather bottom.
  • Choose a brand: There are briefcases, backpacks, and bags crafted from leather made by many manufacturers, including Coach, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Tumi, and others. There are also unbranded options for leather briefcases.
  • Select a color and fastener type: Choose a color of leather, such as shades of brown, off-white, gray, or black. Choose a fastener type, including zippers, buckles, snaps, or fold-over clasps. The fold-over clasps may have a band that is also made of leather.