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LG Leather Cell Phone Cases

Buying Guide for Leather Cell Phone Cases for LG Phones

Mobile phones are an integral part of daily life for many, and they often come everywhere with us, so it is important to have adequate protection for these devices. There are many cell phone cases available for LG phones, and leather is a popular option for its style and durability. Leather cases are available for various models and come in numerous styles, colors, functionalities, and more, offering many options to choose from to suit your preferences and needs.

Are there waterproof leather phone cases?

Leather phone cases are generally not waterproof, but this material is naturally water-resistant. Because of this, a leather phone case can help keep your smartphone dry from drops and splashes but not submersions and heavy rains. If the phone and case become fairly wet, dry it off the outside and remove the phone from the case to check that no water entered the case and is trapped against the phone.

How do you find the right LG case?

There are many LG phones and phone cases on the market, and picking the right leather case for your phone makes it so it can be protected properly. An LG G2 case will not fit a G5 phone, so know the exact model of your phone to get a case that will fit the phone.

What are the features of wallet cases?

There are many wallet cases available for LG phones, and these products are protective and handy to have.

  • Coverage: Wallet cases generally cover the entire back of the phone, except for an opening for the camera lens, and have a flap that folds to cover the screen as well. They often close around the phone with a magnet or simple snap. However, there are also wallet options that only cover the back of the phone.
  • Wallet space: These products usually have one or more sleeves for credit cards and IDs and can also have a small zipper pouch.
  • Stand: Many wallet cases that have a hardcover can be folded into a stand for watching videos, reading, and more.
  • Wrist strap: These accessories sometimes incorporate a wrist strap that allows the case and phone to be carried while hanging from the wrist. Often, these straps are removable.
How do you care for leather phone cases?

Leather often requires some care to keep it in good condition. To care for a leather phone case, wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris periodically. Try to keep the leather dry, and if it becomes wet, wipe away the water with a dry cloth. If the case becomes stained, use a damp cloth to gently rub the stain away. There are many leather creams and sprays that can be applied to the outer surface of the case to prevent scratches and repel water and dirt.

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