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Kenda ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Wheels & Tires

ATVs can be used as utility vehicles or racing machines, and having the proper set of wheels on your ATV is critical for optimal performance. Kenda specializes in the production of tires for various vehicles, and they manufacture a number of different types of ATV tires that are designed for different terrains and conditions. Kenda wheels vary in size, tread type, depth, and more, so it is important to consider what you plan to use your ATV for before selecting a set of Kenda wheels and tires.

What types of Kenda ATV tires are there?

  • All-Terrain: These Kenda products are great for all-around use, and they provide good grip and average-depth knobs to cater to a large variety of different terrains. Kenda offers a large number of these products, including their Pathfinder model.
  • Mud: Kenda mud tires are designed for optimal grip, and they utilize large knobs that work to propel the machine in deeper, slower conditions like mud and snow.
  • Sand: These ATV tires are designed for sand and have large ribs that run at an angle across the width of the product. These ribs act as shovels that aid in control and traction, and these models are highly effective in sandy situations. Besides the ribs, the rest of the tire is slick, allowing for good flotation on the sand.
  • Racing: Racing ATV tires are built for high speeds on well-maintained dirt. These Kenda products are often wide to provide increased control and traction.

What are Kenda wheels made out of?

Kenda produces different wheels that are designed for different uses and ATV specifications. Wheels are generally composed of steel, aluminum alloy, or magnesium alloy. Steel wheels are highly durable and are a great option for average riders. Aluminum wheels offer a lightweight product. Magnesium wheels are the lightest overall option for wheels, and they are also highly durable.

What other ATV tire specifications should be considered?

  • Size: Tire size is measured in inches and consists of three numbers, such as 25 x 8-12. The first number represents the overall height of the tire, the second number measures the width of the tire, and the third number measures the diameter of the inside of the tire.
  • Ply: Kenda ATV tires utilize a ply rating, which states the load capacity of the tire. A higher ply rating indicates that the tire is able to withstand a heavier load. All ATVs have specifications as to the maximum ply they should be equipped with, so be sure to check before purchasing a set of tires.
  • Round or flat: ATV tires are either rounded or flat in shape. Rounded Kenda products are often slimmer, and they can provide effective handling on softer terrain or for all-purpose vehicles. Kenda flat tires provide increased traction on harder-packed surfaces, and they are often beneficial for racing and sport machines.