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Choosing a Kamaka Ukulele For You

Kamaka Ukulele is one of the well-known ukulele companies in the world, producing top-of-the-line, quality instruments that seem to get better with age. There are several varieties to choose from, so check out the information below for tips on how to choose the best one for your needs. A large selection of new or used Kamaka ukuleles is available for you on eBay.

What's the importance of the Kamaka ukulele serial number?

Starting in 1999, the company implemented a serial number system. The purpose of this system was to allow the company to immediately determine the instrument model, the year it was built, the retailer, and the original purchaser of the item. This number can be invaluable in case you ever lose your ukulele or need to recover it for insurance purposes. Keep in mind that if you're looking into vintage Kamaka ukuleles that were built pre-1999, those ukuleles will not have a serial number.

Type of tonewood to consider when buying your ukulele

A ukulele's tonewood is the wood variety that the ukulele is made out of that gives the instrument its tone, so keep that in mind when deciding on which ukulele to choose. Mahogany gives ukuleles dark, rich tones while spruce creates bright, bold tones that have plenty of zing. Cedar makes soft, mellow tones, while redwood provides tones that are split between spruce and cedar.

What types of cases should you choose for your ukulele?

There are two types of ukulele cases that Kamaka recommends. The first type is a hard-shell case. Hard-shell cases are extremely strong and offer protection for ukuleles. They're also a higher-grade case, allowing them to last longer. Protec cases are another type of case offered by the company. These cases are light, water resistant, and perfect for people who need to travel. The Protec cases are commonly used by traveling musicians.

The nine different Kamaka ukulele models

Kamaka Ukulele offers nine different types of ukuleles. They include the following:

  • Standard or Soprano - Probably the most common
  • Concert or Alto - Sized between the standard and the tenor with a full, rich tone
  • Standard Pineapple - The company's signature ukulele with a rich, mellow sound
  • Tenor 4-string - Often preferred by professional entertainers
  • Tenor 6 string - First and third rings doubled
  • Tenor 8 string - All four strings doubled
  • Standard or Soprano Deluxe - Considered to have an excellent tone
  • Concert bell-shaped Deluxe - Sharp clear tones, made for picking
  • Baritone - Largest size, usually preferred by people who play the guitar
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