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KEEN Shoes for Girls

KEEN, a brand that focuses on footwear that is rugged and attractive, makes a variety of shoes for girls. From sturdy hiking boots to lightweight sandals, the shoes are designed specifically with kids in mind.

What are some types of shoes KEEN makes for girls?

KEEN manufactures a wide variety of girls’ shoes, each designed for a specific purpose.

  • Boots: Cold-weather and waterproof
  • Casual shoes: Mary Janes, flats, and sneakers
  • Outdoor shoes: Athletic and hiking
  • Sandals: Water sports and everyday
What are bungee laces?

Some KEEN girls’ shoes are made with bungee laces. These stretchy laces don’t require complicated knots, so kids can tighten them easily. To tighten the laces, simply move the plastic toggle unit to hold the correct tension and create a snug fit.

What is KEEN.Warm technology?

KEEN.Warm is an insulating material that is manufactured from charcoal bamboo. The material is thin and lightweight, so it adds ample warmth to winter boots without adding unnecessary bulk, enabling kids to run and play in the snow without restriction.

What is reverse strobel construction?

Some KEEN shoes for kids are made with a reverse strobel construction. This method stitches the upper and the lining of each shoe to a bottom section using a strobel stitch. This creates a neat, streamlined interior. This construction method is often used for athletic styles because it is highly flexible and lightweight.


CLEANSPORT NXT is a natural odor-control technology used in some KEEN styles. This technology bonds microbes to a fabric surface. When the microbes are activated by sweat, they automatically begin to break down the organic material that causes the smell. In the process, they reduce odors. At that point, the microbes return to a dormant state until they are activated again.

How do you choose the right KEEN shoes?

With the wide range of KEEN styles for girls available, there are many attractive options from which to choose. As you pick the right shoes for your child, you can use these factors to make an informed decision.

  • Choose an activity: Streetwear, hiking, water sports, outdoor winter activities, and much more
  • Select a style: Sandals, boots, casual shoes, and more
  • Identify the necessary features: Waterproof uppers, breathable mesh, KEEN insulated lining, elastic laces, and more available
  • Pick a color: KEEN shoes for kids in white, brown, pink, blue, black, and many more to suit your child’s preferences
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