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Jumping Beans Baby Slippers

Fashioned to be cute and functional, these whimsical Jumping Beans baby girl and baby boy slippers are designed for active infants and toddlers. Whatever the age of your baby, a pair of these special slipper socks are meant to keep their feet warm, cozy, and safe from the environment. Made of comfortable and quality materials, these toddler socks offer a combination of a soft upper and a padded, slip-proof sole.

How are Jumping Beans baby and toddler slipper socks constructed?
  • Upper: Jumping Beans baby slipper socks feature soft uppers crafted from stretchy knit or fuzzy fleece material. Depending on the particular pair, some slippers have decorative accents, such as colorful felt cut into cute shapes. The upper portion of these slippers comes in a variety of kid-friendly styles, from snowmen and soccer balls to puppy dogs.
  • Sole: Designed for new walkers and soon-to-be-walkers, Jumping Beans baby and toddler slippers feature a padded sole made from soft synthetic material. The lightly cushioned sole of these slipper socks is designed to protect your baby's feet from hard floor surfaces, while helping them build strength in their newly developing foot muscles. Slipper socks with padded soles allow your kid to explore the environment without experiencing the heaviness and stiffness of a typical hard-soled slipper or shoe.
  • Treads: On the bottom of every pair of Jumping Beans socks, you'll find an array of tiny gel gripper dots. These dots are designed to improve traction so that the slippers won't be a slipping hazard for your little one. The traction dots are meant to prevent your infant's foot from sliding on smooth tile, wooden flooring, and other slick floor surfaces.
How should Jumping Beans baby slippers be cleaned?

Jumping Beans toddler slipper socks are made to be washing machine-safe. To maintain the look and quality of your slipper socks, it's recommended that they be washed in warm water with like colors. After washing your infant's slipper socks, they can be tumbled dry on low temperature.

What size slipper socks will fit your kid's foot?

When selecting Jumping Beans socks for a baby or toddler, choose a pair based on the child's current age or shoe size. Available sizes include 6-12 months, 12-24 months, and 2T-4T. Size 6-12 months corresponds with a 3-4 baby shoe. Size 12-24 months corresponds with a 5-6 baby shoe. Size 2T-4T corresponds with a little kid shoe size 7-10.