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Jordan 11 Black and White: A Brief Overview

What is the Jordan 11 Black and White, also known as the Concord?

Part of Michael Jordan's celebrated signature line, the Jordan 11 Black and White, affectionately known as the Concord, stands as an iconic basketball sneaker. Its enduring charm lies in a distinctive composition featuring a sleek black patent leather upper harmonized with white mesh. This melding of materials not only provides a standout appearance but also encapsulates a cultural legacy that resonates far beyond the realm of sports footwear.

When was the Jordan 11 Black and White originally released?

The inaugural debut of the Jordan 11 Black and White took place in 1995, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of Michael Jordan's signature line with Nike.

What is the significance of the patent leather on the Jordan 11 Black and White?

The incorporation of patent leather into the upper of the Jordan 11 Black and White marked a groundbreaking design innovation that introduced a luxurious and elevated aesthetic to basketball sneakers, particularly Jordan sneakers for men. This material choice elevated the shoe's visual appeal and played a role in redefining the boundaries of design within the context of sports footwear.

What is the carbon fiber shank plate in the Jordan 11 Black and White for?

Positioned within the midfoot region of the Jordan 11 Black and White, the carbon fiber shank plate plays a pivotal role in augmenting stability and support. This element is designed to be beneficial during rapid and dynamic movements executed on the basketball court to promote agile play.

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