Fundas de teléfono celular con joyas y Cubiertas Para Motorola

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Style and Protect Your Motorola Cell Phone with Jeweled Cases and Covers

Jeweled cases contain a range of protective options for Motorola phones of different physical designs for all types of Motorola phones. Aesthetics and bling vary among models. In addition, the phone cases contain functional features to enhance protection.

What are the aesthetic elements of these phone cases?

This collection of cases contains phone cases with several different looks and feels, including bling, solid colors, patterns, and graphics. Phone cases with graphics on their backings may contain glitter elements that are made to reflect light and give off a shining appearance with extra bling. Graphics without glitter are also available. Images contain different themes, ranging from nature to geometric designs. Covers with solid colors may feature multiple colors, and different materials may be used.

Finishes also vary among phone cases. Matte finishes reflect a minimal amount of light, while glossy finishes are made to be reflective. Intermediate finishes are also available. Phone cases containing solid colors and graphics may have different options for colors of the same model. Colors available include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Black
What kind of protection do these cases offer?

These phone cases for Motorola phones provide resistance to drops, environmental hazards, dust, and debris. Dual-layered protection may be included in some of these Motorola phone cases and covers. In these products, a hard exterior is used to provide impact resistance, while a rubberized interior is used to resist shocks. Beveled edges provide additional screen protection for all kinds and sizes of Motorola phones by preventing the screen from touching a surface when laid flat. This feature provides additional protection against drops and slips as well when using these covers and phone cases.

Phone cases with wallet functionality have a flap that covers the front side of your Motorola phone for additional screen protection. Covers without wallet functionality may include screen protectors that provide screen and mild impact resistance. Camera lenses are uncovered so that functionality remains even when the covers are installed.

What additional functional features are present?

Cases with wallet features and belt clips are available for a wide array of Motorola phones. Those who need access to their phones and lack either a bag or pocket space may find the belt clip feature useful. Wallets have slots in the interior of the covers to hold cash and credit cards as well as your Motorola. The number of slots varies with different wallets. The flaps of wallet cases can be folded to form a kickstand in some instances. The kickstand allows for phones to be stood up without the need for user interaction.