Designer LG Cell Phone Cases with Crystal Jewels

Designer cell phone cases and covers are accessories that can enhance a phones curb appeal while strategically protecting its outer housing. Many cases and cover options are constructed out of dense material, which is important because the padding prevents wear and tear when a cell phone is accidentally dropped. These practical covers are manufactured in a variety of colors, and multiple bling options include sparkly jewels and crystal pieces.

What are the crystal case features?

LG cell phone cases with crystal jewels include many different features. The main ones include the following:

  • Card pocket: A card pocket is a slot thats large enough for a typical business card. Depending on the cell phone accessory designer, a case may include one pocket or multiple pockets.
  • Kickstand: The kickstand thats included on a case props up a phone. A kickstand has an adjustable mechanism that folds the piece down when it isnt needed.
  • Projector: A projector is equipped on the edge of a case. This component projects images off of a phone onto a screen or wall.
  • Screen protector: A screen protector is a piece that mounts over a cell phone case. Many protector sheets that constructed out of a glass or polyurethane material.
  • Shockproof: Cases with a shockproof design can handle wear and tear. However, the shockproof coating only provides protection after a case is dropped from a reasonable height.
  • Waterproof: Covers and cases that have a waterproof coating can withstand light rain. If a product has a dense housing material, a waterproof coating could protect a battery within a certain water depth.
  • Clip: A clip is a mechanism that holds a cover in place. These components can secure a cover on clothing or a belt.
What are the cover design options?

Flip cases are designed with an adjustable flap that keeps a cell phone protected and secured. Most cases are constructed out of neoprene, and a Velcro piece holds the flap piece in place over the material.

Hybrid cases include a variety of design elements that protect a phone. Many options have impact-resistant components that prevent damage following accidents and crystal jewels that provide bling that stands out.

What are the case material options?

Acrylic and leather are common materials that are used to construct cell phone cases and covers. Metal, plastic, and rubber are also housing options for many phone accessories. Youll find some cases that are made with synthetic leather as well.

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