JLG Scissor and Boom Lifts

Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts by JLG

JLG Boom lifts and scissor lifts are types of aerial work platforms used to elevate personnel or equipment. A boom lift consists of a bucket or surface driven by a hydraulic lift. A scissor lift is elevated by the opening and closing of a pair of crossed supports pivoted like a pair of scissors. Another name for this piece of equipment is Mobile Elevated Work Platform or MEWP, available on eBay.

For what tasks would you use JLG scissor lifts?

You would use a mobile elevated work platform when you need to work or place materials high in the air and when you need a stable surface to work from. You are surrounded on all four sides by railings, so there is little chance of falling off. You can use scissor lifts to:

  • Access high shelves in a stock room or warehouse
  • Perform maintenance such as changing a light or fixing industrial equipment that is higher up
  • Maintain or clear guttering
  • Clean windows
  • Inspect a roof or trim trees
What are JLG boom lifts used for?

JLG Boom lifts, found in this eBay category, are familiarly known as cherry pickers. Articulating joints and extensible booms allow personnel to reach spots that are not safely accessible by scissor lifts. You see them at sporting events, where camera operators use the elevated platform height to get aerial shots of the playing surface. Some models of booms are used to repair bridges, rescue people from high places, and maintain street lamps.

Boom lifts should be operated with care. OSHA recommends the following safety precautions, which apply to all owned or rental equipment:

  • Make sure the operator is trained and certified.
  • Maintain and operate according to the manufacturers instructions. In particular, do not exceed the load limit or override hydraulic, electrical, or mechanical safety devices.
  • Never move the device with personnel in the bucket.
  • Maintain a minimum clearance of between three and 10 feet from overhead power lines. Always treat power lines as if they are live.
  • Ensure operators are using prescribed safety equipment, such as harnesses, restraining belts, lanyards, etc.
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