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Intel Core i7 7th Gen. PC Desktops and All-In-One Computers

Even as laptops become more and more popular, many people still turn to desktop computers both at home and for work. They are particularly popular for gaming, because they often include powerful NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards rather than onboard Intel HD graphics; better graphics solutions require more power to feed them. It was the same with the i7-3770, and the i7-6700T as it is with the 7th generation. You can also upgrade desktops more easily than you can laptops because the cases are more accessible. This fits well with the Windows as a service approach taken with Windows 10 as it enables the computer to grow with the operating system.

What Does it Mean to Describe a Processor as a 7th Generation Core i7?

Intel processor naming conventions can be fairly confusing to the uninitiated, but they actually give you more information than a simple raw GHz rating would.

  • Intel Core Naming: Intel uses the Core name for three different processors, the Core i3, i5, and i7. Each design offer successively greater performance through different processor features such as core count, hyper-threading and cache implementation. The i3 is almost exclusively a dual-core CPU, while most i7 models feature quad-core implementations. More cores make your desktop better able to use Windows 10 and its multi-tasking features.
  • Intel Core Generations: Intel's Nehalem line represented the first generation of Core processors, and each subsequent revision has represented a new generation. The way you tell the generation of an Intel Core i7 CPU is through the numeric code in the designation as shown by the first digit after the hyphen. For example, the Intel i7-6700K is a sixth generation i7 processor, while the i7-7500U, i7-7567U, and i7-7700 processors are all seventh generation models. Similarly, the i7-8700K belongs to the 8th generation and offers more performance than the i7-6770HQ. Top speeds have slowly crept upwards from approximately 2 GHz to upwards of 4 GHz in burst mode as the Intel Core has progressed. Each Generation Intel CPU has advanced on the previous in different ways.

What is an All-in-One Computer?

The basic idea is that it's easier for consumers if everything is in a single package. Unlike a traditional tower where you have to add a monitor and speakers to get the full use out of your desktop computer, with this form factor all you need to do is plug it in and connect the keyboard and mouse that usually come in the same box. Often they use laptop components because they are smaller and easier to fit in the form factor. While some are sealed, others allow you to upgrade your RAM with DDR4. Many offer a 3 GHz processor and WLED-backlit screen as well as the Windows 10 Home operating system. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to connect to the Internet.

What Should You Look for in an Intel Core i7 Computer?

When buying a computer there are a number of factors you need to look at even if you already know what kind of processor you want to use. Your needs for a gaming computer are going to be different than they are for a business system that has to work with spreadsheets all day. The real catch is that you need to be sure your other components can feed your Intel Core i7 or you can't take full advantage of your CPU:

  • Hard Drive: In most cases you want at least a 512 GB SSD. This gives you enough storage to work with, and is much faster than a rotating hard drive. An external 1TB HDD or 2TB HDD is a good choice for backup storage.
  • RAM: Go with at least 8GB RAM if not 16 GB DDR4 memory. Without enough RAM your CPU will stall for lack of data.
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics are fine for business, but an NVIDIA GeForce GTX gives you the horsepower to fully unleash the CPU on your Intel Desktop. A liquid cooled CPU and run at upward of 4 GHz and keep your NVIDIA GeForce GTX happy.
  • Operating System: Go with Windows 10, the Home 64-bit edition gives you full access to the latest software and you need 64-bit support to run more than 4GB of DDR4.