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 ITP ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Wheels & Tires

Just as with any vehicle, the wheels that are on your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) are crucial to how well it performs in a variety of conditions. The wheels play an even bigger role on ATVs than they do on most vehicles due to the different terrains you might encounter. Having the right tires for the job is very important.

What air pressure should you run in your ITP ATV tires?

It is always recommended that you run the air pressure suggested by your vehicles manufacturer. The vehicle is engineered to work with tires that have that specific level of pressure for optimal performance. You can find the manufacturers recommended pressure by contacting them or referencing your owners manual. Also, check the sidewall to determine the maximum inflation pressure so as to avoid exceeding it. Air pressure is critical in determining the loading capability and handling characteristics.

What should you do when your ATV tire goes flat?

There are a few things that need to be checked when you experience air loss from your ITP ATV tires. Look for punctures, thread region of the affected tire, and any damage to the sidewall. If the tire is not promptly replaced, damage can result that could cause safety issues. In addition, check your valve core or valve stem for any leakage. If damaged, replace it as soon as possible so it does not cause air loss.

What maintenance should you perform on your tires?

The most crucial maintenance function you ought to perform on your tires, as recommended by ITP, is a frequent check on the air pressure. Tires that are underinflated result in many problems like poor handling in mud or sand, uneven wear, sidewall cracking, or fatigue. Routine visual inspections are also recommended. This can be done by checking the sidewall or thread surface of front and rear tires for any foreign objects. Panic stops and fast starts should be avoided so as to increase the tires longevity.

What is the ITP Beadlock System?

By securely clamping the Beadlock between the outer ring and the wheel, the ITP Beadlock system keep the tires on the wheels when drifting or during side impacts, preventing tires from slipping. This helps you avoid tire damage, loss of pressure, or tire-based separation.

How do calculate the ply rating of ITP ATV tires?

Ply rating, otherwise known as the load range, tells you the weight of the load you can handle safely at a particular inflation pressure. Generally, ITP wheels are known to have high ply rates. The ply rating is easy to determine as it is clearly written on the sidewall. If this is not indicated, then you will find star symbols, with each star equaling a two-ply rating. One star equals a ply rate of two, two stars equal a ply rate of four, and so on.

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